Bed bug killers are very essential

Bed bugs are small nocturnal insects that live through hematophagy which is the feeding of blood of warm-blooded hosts, such as pets and humans. Bed bugs are usually full of life only at night, feed from the host by stabbing the skin with two hollow tubes and drinking blood until full. Bedbugs can sense carbon dioxide and travel towards a warm body. Mostly the host is completely unaware that he or she has been bitten because it secretes a sedative agent through a bite in the host’s skin which allows it to feed without waking its victim. After feeding for about five minutes, the bug returns to its hiding place.

For most households, bites are often the first sign of an infestation.  It may look similar to a mosquito bite but a bug bite causes more irritation because of the dermatological reaction to the chemicals injected by the bug. Bed Bugs are very difficult to deal because of their wily nature and small and hence need some strong bed bug killers. They can live without feeding for months after months and yet they can multiply fast. Though the bed bugs generally prefer small crevices but they can be found anywhere and everywhere in the room. The under side of the carpets are one their favorite hiding places because of their inaccessibility. So carpets should be steam cleaned to get the bugs out. Once your house gets infected bed bugs can wander in your closets so all your clothes should be laundered in hot water. Sometimes bed bugs happily accompany luggage and furniture when moved from one apartment to another.

There are many pesticides in the powder form which are available in the market. These should be applied to all luggage, furniture, boxes present in an infected house.  Bed bug killers are also available in suspension form which should be poured in a spray bottle with fixed nozzles and then the spraying must be done thoroughly at vertical walls, cracks & corners. Bed bugs seek these corners and cracks as they are cooler than other parts of the room. Fossil shell dust is also a very hard-hitting insecticide that is extremely effective and easily available.

Fossil dust is made of natural crushed fossils of freshwater and marine organisms, also known as diatomaceous Earth is also another bed bug killer. It is a natural, non-toxic insecticide. It works as a mechanical insecticide, penetrating the insect shell causing it to dehydrate and perish. This works for bed bug larvae and adults as well. Recently alcohol based chemicals have evolved which are contact killers and are shown to kill bedbugs on contact. Thermal treatment has proved to be a very effective procedure for killing bed bugs and other insects. Portable air heaters are also a good bed bug killer and blowers are used to elevate the temperature within a room to about 130 ° F which is higher than what a bed bug can withstand.

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