Lidl launches £1.99 Cien cosmetic range

In these trying economic times, people are certainly looking for a bargain or two, particularly when it comes to expensive beauty products. And supermarkets are cashing in on our search for inexpensive cosmetic products, as Lidl have just announced that they are launching their own cosmetic collections – Cien cosmetic range, with each item priced at a price busting £1.99.

Cien cosmetic range

Cien Cosmetic Range

Lidl are adding the Cien cosmetic collections to their already hugely successful skincare collection, which was the surprise hit of last year. The make-up collections includes lipstick, href=”http://www.lidl.de/de/search?query=cien+lip+gloss” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”>lip gloss, nail varnish, mascara and foundation, and industry experts are hailing it to be great quality and value for money.

As you would expect from a budget line, you don’t get a huge amount of choice when it comes to colours but for a beauty staple or stop gap between buying your usual high end product, we think you can’t really fault the Cien cosmetic range.

Cien Make-up range

Cien foundation

For example, the foundation comes in 30ml tubes and you can choose from four colours – ivory, light beige, natural and light brown, there are two types of mascara – volume-boosting formula or waterproof, there are eight different tones of lipstick, including coral, berry cocktail, spicy red, sugar rose and purple, and you get six nail colours in similar hues.

Cien Lip Glosses

There are also six coloured lip glosses in these colours: Summer Time, Sweet Watermelon, Glossy Grapefruit, Glamorous Night, Sparkling Champagne and Transparent.

Cien Nail Polish range

All the Cien Beauty products are made in Germany, and feature quite plain packaging and some people could be put off by buying beauty products that are stacked on wooden pallets. However, as this is a cut price range, for those of us who cannot afford luxury brands, and are on a bit of a shoestring budget, you can’t really complain about any cosmetic item that only costs £1.99.

With this beauty collections, you get the standard classic beauty colours and some quite unique ones thrown in for good measure. For example, in the lipstick range, there are the usual suspects which include blood reds, nudes but there is also a neon coral which is a a quirky take on spring’s neon trend.

Cien Beauty Collections reviews

The MailOnline’s beauty expert for Femail Elsa McAlonan says: ‘This is an excellent range that is very good quality for the price. The beauty products rival other budget brands like Too True that offer products at a similar price. This is Lidl’s first foray into cosmetics – Lidl already have a very good skincare range – and it’s outstanding.

The colours are bang on trend. Lidl, and Aldi too, are really forging ahead in this market. I’m a huge fan of both Lidl and Aldi. They’re global firms producing huge numbers so they can really keep costs down. The packaging is not bad – simple black and white. And the sizes, particularly the foundation, are ideal for carry-on luggage.’

the Suddenly Madame Glamour perfume

The Cien make-up collections follows on from Lidl’s hugely successful perfume launch in 2011, the Suddenly Madame Glamour perfume costing £3.99 a bottle drew comparisons with Coco Chanel’s Mademoiselle. And Lidl say that it was one of their ‘fastest-selling own label perfumes of 2011’.

The Cien Make-up range is available in Lidl stores now.

All pictures courtesy Lidl.

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