Beauty Fit Slimming Shorts for Only £12!!

If you had the choice between wearing a pair of shorts that did nothing while you exercised, or wearing a pair that helped you lose weight, which would you chose? It’s really a no brainer right? But have you ever heard of such a thing? Shorts that actually help you slim while you work out? Nope, I didn’t think it was possible either, until I read the blurb by Beauty Fit and it all became clear. The way these shorts work is that they react with your body to sweat away excess water in your lower body area. Not only will they keep muscles warm and working at their peak efficiency, but they’ll help to sculpt a stronger, leaner body. Neoprene Work out Shorts use your natural body heat to get results. They achieve this by increasing your perspiration by up to 80%, reducing your body fat and the visible appearance of cellulite.

Sound too good to be true? But if you could have slim hips and thighs while you work out, isn’t it worth a try? So how much do they cost I hear you ask? Ah well, here’s the tricky part. They retail at £44.99 normally but those generous fellows at QypeDeals are offering readers a 76% discount and selling them at only £12 a pair! Do the fat busting shorts seem more attractive now? Thought so! But just if you need a little more persuasion, the shorts are made of 2.5mm neoprene, and can be worn wherever you are to help you shape up – to the gym, at home, at work – or even while you sleep. And they work so effectively that you could get perfect pins in just a matter of weeks. Let them help you do the work and you can reduce your body fat and the visible appearance of cellulite and at the same time, lose up to 2 jean sizes in 2 weeks.

So here are the important details you’ll need to get your discount:


SizeWaist (cm)UK Women’s sizeUK Men’s size
S64-726 to 10Up to 29″ waist
M72-8412 to 1429″ to 33″
L84-10016 to 2034″+


Fat-burning shorts to help you lose weight as you exercise

76% off neoprene shorts

Work with your body heat to increase perspiration and shed excess water

Wear to the gym or at home or the office

Perfect pins in a matter of weeks

Terms and Conditions

Multiple purchases allowed

An additional £3.99 P&P charge applies

Please allow 10 days for delivery

*Deal ends 20/02/12

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