Beating Laundry Soap Allergies: The Skinny on Keeping Skin Healthy

Laundry soap is often overlooked as a cause of allergies. As it sits right next to your skin for the majority of the day, and during the night in the form of your sheets, it can cause some amazing rashes and itchy skin. Figuring out which brands cause allergies and which leave you happy and healthy is the best idea to make sure your family is able to cope.

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Enzymatic cleaners, or biological washing powders, are amazing at removing stains. The enzymes break down certain proteins that can cause lingering odour, and there is a reason why enzymatic cleaners are recommended to remove the stench of cat urine; they are simply able to achieve certain things ordinary laundry soaps are not. But they are also a known allergen and can cause some serious rashes and itchiness of the skin. If you use biological washing powders and notice a rash in yourself or one of your family members, then eliminating the biological washing agent is step one in trying to combat the rash.

Bleach can also cause a rash and if there is a large percentage of bleach in your detergent you may find it causes skin irritation. Changing to a gentler detergent can help you eliminate these problems.

Don’t forget to look at your fabric softener. Using a gentler brand may be required to help eliminate issues, or problems ascribed to laundry detergent may be caused by unsoftened fabric irritating the skin. The balance of detergent and softener can be difficult to achieve at first, but figuring out the perfect combination for your family will improve all of your lives immeasurably.

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The best method for figuring out which combination of detergent and softener works for you is by obtaining samples for a variety of brands. Start off by using only detergent and washing a few loads with one. You can move onto the next one after establishing whether or not your initial choice causes a problem. When you have isolated a detergent you find works you can move onto fabric softeners and figure out which softener is best for your family.

Washing products can cause a lot of issues and lie at the root of many rashes and itches. By eliminating them as a cause you can make your life a lot easier and enjoy clean, soft laundry at the same time.

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