Beat the Bounce! Panache Launches New Sports Bra


Finally, after three years of intensive research which involved surveying 100 women about what they wanted from a sports bra, Panache Lingerie has launched a brand new sports bra which promises to have more support and create less bounce for active sportswomen. The bras are made for a D plus bust and whilst Panache were independently researching they found that whilst women were regularly exercising, common complaints were that sport bras were unattractive, uncomfortable & un-wearable under clothing. Panache took this on board to create a product that was more advanced than anything else on the market and their bra has been tested to produce 83 percent less bounce.

With the growing interest on the 2012 Olympics in London, Panache have tapped into this market whilst giving support and confidence to the average sportswoman who just wants a comfortable bra she can wear while she is exercising. Breast pain is another problem with plus size women who exercise frequently and research showed that 56 percent of women experience breast pain when they are exercising. To create the new sports bra, Panache tested the effects of exercising without a bra to compare the effectiveness of the prototype. They found that by encapsulating each breast separately in secure moulded cups, movement was reduced from all angles. The creators say the product effectively acts as ‘two hands holding the breasts’ rather than the traditional sports bra, which flattens against the rib cage.


The bra was tested extensively by using a model running on a treadmill whilst they tracked the breast movement using 3D motion sensors. And the bras themselves are prettier than most sports bras on the market coming in an array of different colours such as black, white, grey, and a fashionable purple, with straps that can convert to both straight and racer back. The racer back is said to give more support to those with sloping shoulders. The £35 bra, which will be available in sizes D to H, was developed by Clare Fallon and has been endorsed by British javelin thrower Goldie Sayers who said: ‘A well-fitted bra is essential for any sportswoman with a large bust.’ Miss Fallon, who has worked for Sheffield-based Panache for 18 years, said: “This was probably the hardest bra that I have ever had to design because there were so many elements to it.” To buy Panache bras checkout www.simplybe.co.uk or www.figleaves.com

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