10 of the Best Beard Oils to keep your beard in Top Condition

Beards seem to be all the rage at the moment but they do need taking care of and that’s where beard oils come in. Beard oils are there to soften the beard and help reduce irritation. Some are scented and some are not. All beard oils should tame unruly beards and not leave them feeling greasy.

Here are our recommendations for the best beard oils:

Man Cave Blackspice Beard Oil, 50ml: £7.00

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If you like your beard to smell of spice you’ll love this beard oil. It contains black pepper and hemp oils along with bergamot oil to create a really heady mix. Argan oil in the product moisturises and vitamin E and jojoba soothes and shines.

Billy Jealousy Gnarly Sheen Refining Beard Oil, 60ml: £24.00

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This is an award-winning brand with an amazing product. This beard oil moisturises, tames, soothes the skin underneath and refines the shape of your beard. Contains aloe vera, jojoba and sweet almond and avocado oils. Use 2-3 drops.

Captain Fawcett – Whisky Beard Oil, 10ml: £12.00

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We love the attention to detail on all of Captain Fawcett’s products but in particular his beard oils. The inside of the packaging is a tartan pattern and the bottle has a little pipette. As for the beard oil, it moisturises and smells of whisky, what more do you need to know?

Bulldog Original Beard Oil, 30ml: £4.13

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This is a bargain for one of the very first proper male grooming brands to take beards seriously. It is great if you suffer from dry skin as it contains aloe vera, green tea and borage oil and soothing jojoba.

Fit for Vikings Jökulsárlón – Beard Oil, 30ml: €24.95

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Fit for Vikings is a Norwegian company that do a range of men’s products including shampoos and beard brushes. There is also a selection of beard oils and we have chosen this one which is based on a lake in Iceland which changes because of melting glaciers. This beard oil has a subtle scent that also changes throughout the day.

Men Rock Beard Oil – Jazz: £14.50

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A beard oil that doubles up as cologne as well as a beard softener. This one has a light and tangy scent and includes vitamin E which nourishes the beard and skin.

First Olympian Eros Beard Oil, 50ml: £24.95

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A sensual beard oil that features Sicilian lemon and bergamot and represents a warm Mediterranean summer’s evening on the beach in Italy. Finishes with deep musky notes.

Proraso Beard Oil, 1floz: £12.50

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This beard oil contains seed oils to gently tame the longest of beards and leave them nourished. It also helps to prevent flakiness and dandruff and leaves a scent of cedar wood.

Percy Nobleman Premium Beard Oil, 50ml: £25.00beard oils


Designed for longer beards that can get straggly and unruly, this beard oil contains argan and sweet almond oils and is in a heavier compound than other beard oils. It has a much higher organic content as well so the ingredients are better quality. Leaves a lovely musky vanilla scent.

Jack Black Beard Oil, 30ml: £21.00

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Using science technology to combine healing organic plants with botanicals, this beard oil uses powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to deliver nutrients. The non-greasy formula leaves beards softened and smooth with a glossy shine.

Haeckels Conditioning Beard Oil, 50ml: £34.00

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A premium price for a premium product, this beard oil adds a gorgeous shine to the driest of beards as it nourishes it. It uses natural seaweed and vitamin E to protect and treat the skin.

*Featured image courtesy Fit for Vikings

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