Which ‘Bean-to-Cup’ Coffee Machine should you buy?

‘Bean-to-Cup’ Coffee Machine

Would-be baristas are spoilt for choice when it comes to making coffee at home. There are some incredible coffee machines on the market that would put the most avid caffeine addict at ease.

Bean-to-cup machines are popular because they grind the beans at the time you use them, which makes the freshest coffee as all those delicious oils are still present.

But should you splash out on an all-singing all-dancing, no expense spared device, complete with milk frother and added extras? Or is it all about the beans and the grinding?

There’s an enormous price difference with bean-to-cup coffee machines, which makes choosing one even more difficult.

So we have sorted them out into categories so that you can pick which one suits your lifestyle the best:


Krups Espresseria Automatic - £499.99

If you are after an affordable machine that is easy to operate, but not too cheap and will deliver a great coffee, this is the one.

Super simple to use, just switch on and the automated process begins. It includes a milk frother which is very good and the coffee is delicious.

From homeandcook.co.uk


Cuisinart One Cup Grind & Brew - £100

For a good machine that is easy to use and affordable, this is a great buy.

It’s fully automatic, you can choose which strength coffee you would like and the hot water is not pressured, meaning you get maximum flavour. No milk frother though.

From Cuisinart.com


Miele CM6300 - £1,299.95

If you are always running from the house in the morning with a piece of toast hanging out of your mouth, late for work, this machine may interest you.

It is fast, easy to use and makes coffee super quick. Pop beans into the grinder and leave it to work its magic. It makes two cups simultaneously.

From johnlewis.com


VonShef Filter Coffee Machine with Grinder - £41.99

If you are looking for an office coffee machine with a difference, why not try this one? It has a large capacity that allows you to make 12 cups in one go.

You can also remove the grinder if you want to make powdered coffee. No milk frother.

From domu.co.uk


Jura E6 - £599.99

Fussy about getting your coffee just right? This machine allows you to personalise your settings so that every cup tastes the same.

Features include a water filter and the grinder is great.

From lakeland.co.uk


Cafflano Klassic Portable Coffee Maker - £64.99

You don’t get many portable coffee machines and why would you? But many people want good coffee when they go camping or on holiday and this is ideal.

There’s a little manual grinder with options of coarseness, and a special drip-filter you place on an insulated mug. You can also store your beans in the flip-out handle.

From thefowndry.com


Sage the Oracle - £1,495

Of all the coffee machine, Sage the Oracle is a coffee aficionado’s dream. The fully automated machine gives a rich, deep flavour to the coffee.

The grinding, dosing and tamping provides a high quality of the espresso and crema. A machine for true coffee lovers.


Smarter Coffee Machine - £179.99

The kind of people that like to walk into a room and clap their hands and the lights come on will love this machine.

It is this Wi-Fi-enabled which means you can control it via your smartphone. You can programme it anywhere to make you a coffee and adjust things like strength and temperature.

From firebox.com

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