Beach hairstyles for a relaxed vacation

Popular beach hairstyles

Popular beach hairstyles

Yes, it is the vacation time! Finally this is the time when we all get our long-due break from the long working hours at office or everyday mundane lives at home or even school. With the summer sun at its very peak, vacations mostly involve trips to beaches. To assure getting the maximum relaxation from your vacation, you should make some planning before hand, so you can be completely relaxed during your vacation. The preparation goes from looking for the ideal beach wear that complements your persona to your beach hairstyles to your trendy and comfortable carry bags, it is very exhilarating indeed. Plus nothing in comparison to the fun at the beach; isn’t it?

Beach hairstyles are typically to keep you comfortable. They are perhaps driven by convenience rather than style. However, it won’t hurt if you plan to incorporate a bit of style in to these hairstyles. More often than not, the best of hairstyles require minimum of effort. You can go straight from the beach to the umbrella drinks with a shoulder baring bun. The trick here is to twirl the strands of hair in different directions and create a knotty bun, giving it a completely trendy look. You can simply tie a low pony tail and divide it into two sections. Then wrap one section clockwise and the other section anti clockwise around the first one. This easy to tie hair style is less time consuming and looks very stylish also. There are many other styles that you can try depending upon the type of the hair you are blessed with. When the weather makes your tresses wavier, keep it natural. You can simply wear it that way around your shoulders without disturbing the raw look. But to keep the strands off from getting in your face all the time, you can pull back few strands behind your ears. You can also mess about those strands first to create some height, and then smoothen over with a brush. Then get hold of the hair quite loosely with a clip at the base of your head. You can add some movement to the rest of your tresses by lightly misting the hair with a spray if handy.

French braid

French braid

French braids are very hep this summer season. The new and fresh way to wear them isn’t perfect and orderly though. The idea is to go more haphazard and jumbled. So you don’t have to bother starting the braid at your forehead. You can rather begin it farther back. This will give you that perfect look with strands of your hair falling off on your face every now and then. Once you hold the strands loosely, you should starting French braiding the hair. Finish off with a tighter weave to ensure that the braid doesn’t fall off. After you are done with this hairstyle, you can simply undo the braids and have the most perfect tousled waves. Simply let them free for that perfect beach goddess look. You can also go for the standard ponytail but with a lot more attitude to it. Add some sculpting foam into damp hair and towel dry gently to build a muddled volume and texture. Then gather everything up together and fasten it right above the eye level. You may even back comb the tail end of the hair several times unless you get the exact results you want. Finish off with a dab of gel to add shine and texture to your hair. The conclusive look is smooth in the front while crazy in the back. However, this hair style will be time consuming than the other styles for those of you with thin hair. The lucky blessed ones with thicker hair volume can skip the back combing part.

When you hit the seashore this summer, you should make sure that you have the right swim wear to complement your personality, the most trendy hair styles and bags to carry. From waking up in the morning with those loose curls to spraying your hair with water or towel-drying after wash, it is the perfect look on the beach this summer. You can also make a few fat braids as well, then undo the twists, finger-comb your hair comfortably and you are a perfect beach idol! These hair styles go well with all kinds of beach wear, varying from long, graceful flowing skirts with concealing tops to string-based items, one-piece, bikinis, or thongs. These cute yet stylish and humidity resistant hairstyles will get you away from the mirror and onto the beach straight away without much hesitation!

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