Be Ready For The Snow And Winterize Your Home

The changing of the colors on the trees is the best sign that you should start thinking about winterizing your home. Your home needs to be ready for the cooler temperatures and snow or rainfall. You never know how low the temperatures will drop, or even when the first snow storm will hit; so the sooner you get your home ready the better. You should not slip winterizing because of your location; whether you get rain or snow, you should prepare your home for it. Recent winters have also been colder than the average with freezing temperatures reaching further south than normal; heavier and earlier snowfalls have been happening everywhere else. With that in mind here are some things you want to make sure you do before the winter gets to your home.

Check Your Home’s Exterior

The first thing you should do is tour your home from the outside. You should be looking for cracks on the walls that may be too small to see unless you are paying attention to them. As small as they are the heat can escape your house through those small cracks leaving you with a higher heating bill, and will make it more difficult to keep the desired temperatures inside. Doors and windows are some of the places on your house where a crack can show up, but also check the fireplace and behind bushes that may be covering a hole or crack.

Protect Your Pipes

A frozen pipe can be a disaster to your home if it breaks in the winter. They can cost you a small fortune to fix, not to mention the damage they can do to your furniture or other valuables that you keep at home. Winterizing your pipes should also include a check of  your hoses. Hoses are filled with water which expands when it freezes and that can cause them to break. You should unplug and drain them to make sure that will not happen, and once they are drained they should be stored inside where they will be protected from the freezing elements. Faucets outside of your home should be protected with heat tape which you can find at a hardware store.


Your home provides you with shelter, but without the proper insulation, your home can feel almost as cold as outside minus the wind chill. That of course is unacceptable, so you must insulate. You may not be inclined to make sure the insulation is appropriate because your heating can make the home feel warm, but insulation can save you a lot of money that would otherwise go to heating bills. Even if your home is insulated you should do a check-up as rain or other leaks can cause damage to it. The best part about insulation is that it is an easy process that you can do yourself. The materials are cheap and as stated before the money that it will save you will pay for the insulation many times over.

Don’t Forget The Lawn

A big part of winterizing your home that some people may leave for last or not even do at all is winterizing the lawn. Make sure you rake the leafs so that your grass is not completely covered. Too many leafs over your grass can kill it and make it more difficult to get your lawn going in the spring. There are also sprinklers in the lawn that mist be drained, so that you do not return home one day to find a pool that was not there earlier in the day. Winterizing is important to keep you comfortable, but it can also save you a lot of money.

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