Be A Domestic Goddess with the Half Baked Cake Company!

When someone tells us we can have a homemade cake in less time than it takes to watch a couple of episodes of Nigella Bites, well, we were interested. And then when we heard that all the ingredients were completely top notch, with free-range eggs, proper patisserie flour and real butter, then our mouths began to water. Throw in the fact that these recipes do not use any artificial flavourings or preservatives and we are practically throwing a tea party! With four different scrumptious flavours to choose from, including the zingy and uplifting Lemon and Lime Drizzle Cake, or the Scrumptious Chocolate Cake, the fabulous fruity Farmhouse Apple Cake or the classic tea time favourite Coffee and Walnut Cake, there is surely something here to suit the most fussy of cake eaters. We are just hoping the Half Baked Cake Company add some more cakes to their selection.

To make the cakes could not be easier, as the mixture is already made up for you, so if you want to come home to the sweet smell of cake baking, simply preheat your oven, remove the outer box and film, spread the cake mixture evenly, place the cake on the bottom shelf and leave to bake for 50 – 55 minutes. The cake is ready when a knife comes out of the middle clean. Leave on a rack to cook then tuck in! Our favourite so far is the Farmhouse Apple with lovely ripe fruit and sweet spices. The mix includes a delicate blend of spices which include cassia, nutmeg and cloves. Not only does it taste fabulous, it makes the whole house smell wonderful too.

Most cake mixes have the following ingredients in them: wheat flour, caster sugar, cow’s milk, butter, free-range pasteurised whole egg, oats, brown sugar, raising agent, mixed spice, salt, thickeners, Madagascan vanilla extract. So you can see they are full of natural ingredients and only use free range eggs, butter and natural flavourings. This is what makes the difference and what makes them taste like they are homemade; you could actually pass these off as you own as with some of the cakes, you have to drizzle the icing on after you have baked the cake, so you can make it look as professional or homemade as you wish!

The Half-Baked Cake Company was created when the founders remembered their childhoods of baking with their parents, and how they used to make cakes with their mums in the kitchen. They remembered the afternoons spent making butterfly cakes, filling the sponge with homemade jam, ladling on the freshly whipped cream and, careful as they could, placing the “wings” back on top. They were such delicious memories – the sweet smells, feelings of warmth and love, the taste of the cakes fresh from the oven. All except the clearing up afterwards… Half Baked Cakes wanted to give today’s parents the chance to create those memories for their children, but without the mess and fuss. Made with real kitchen-cupboard ingredients, Half-Baked cakes are every bit as delicious as the ones you remember from childhood, but you won’t need to buy loads of ingredients or spend hours washing-up.

You can also buy them from Tesco. Each Half Baked Cake costs £5.

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