Battery backup is essential and handy

A battery backup system is a device that provides emergency power to equipment when the primary source of power fails. Back up batteries come in various capacities and sizes as they are required for almost all electrical application starting from mobile phones and computers to large data centers. When summoned during power black outs battery backup products will go so far as to sacrifice themselves in order to protect any high-tech device that they are connected to. Small back up batteries like those used for retaining time clock and date in computers are primary cells. They are often called the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) battery .This battery in the mother board is what powers the CMOS RAM when the computer is turned off. So that it does not lose all the BIOS information. These CMOS batteries like any other primary cells require periodic replacement.

Mobile phones on the other hand requires rechargeable back up batteries which are charged by the prime power supply for a specific time and after that they can run the system on their own till they are exhausted. A burglar alarm system requires a backup battery in case there is a power failure in the home or burglar gets to the panel and turns of the electricity. In aircrafts if the engines fail, back up batteries are used to power vital equipment such as navigation, oxygen supply system and radio equipments. A typical battery will give navigation and communications power for around 30 minutes after total system failure. Depending on the type and model of aircraft both Nickel-Cadmium and traditional valve regulated lead-Acid batteries are still in use.

If something like a power outage occurs in a hospital power is needed to keep life support machines and other necessary health care tools working in order to sustain human life until main power can be restored.  This is where the importance of back up power system comes in.  When the power is out, a hospital almost always uses a backup generator or large batteries to make sure that everything remains on and running. If you are getting telephone service from internet or TV using digital passive optical networks, one of the things to be aware of is the fact that if you lose AC power to your home, you would lose phone service.  To prevent this you must have a backup battery pack inside the phone or the internet interface box (known as an EMTA). 

The most popular and reliable battery backup system for any load is the UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply as it has a four fold protection system. It protects the load from voltage surges and spikes, voltage sags, total power failure as well as frequency differences. There are two common systems in use today: standby UPS and continuous UPS. A standby UPS provides reliable battery power to keep the system running through short blackouts and allow enough time to safely shut down during longer power outages. 

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