Bathroom Essentials

Many people treat their bathroom as a place to come through rather than a place in which to relax. However, if you purchase the right accessories you can expect to turn your bathroom into an invaluable space for you to get some down-time, and the perfect area to chill.

The iDuck Floating Wireless Speaker is an amazing gadget that allows you to plug in your mp3 player (or use the built in FM radio) and listen to your own music through the speaker hidden in a plastic yellow duck. Bobbing on the surface of the water, it will serenade you with all your favourites.

A selection of buttons on its back allows you some control, meaning you can listen to everything you want to hear. The iDuck makes bath time an amazingly relaxing experience and is definitely worth the twenty pounds!

MoonCandles are flameless candles that offer a realistic candletastic glow for the simple price of £20.99 and a few sets of AAA batteries (2 per candle). Arrange them around your bathroom and you’ll find yourself chilling out more already.

You may find it stressful, as do I, to have actual candles around the bathroom. I’m always worried about my hair, or about knocking them into the bath and, at the very least, ruining the relaxed vibe I had going. No longer an issue with MoonCandles, which come with a remote control to change the intensity of the light and even activate a timer function.

If you’d rather make your lighting options a bit more bath-centred and not have to worry about where the remote is, then choose the Spa Lights. £7.99 will get you two of these waterproof spa lights. They can be stuck to the side or the bottom of the bath with attached suction cups, or they’ll float along the surface with your iDuck, providing soothing mood lighting to help you unwind after a long hard day. Giving the impression of floating candles, the Spa Lights can make your bath feel a little more intimate as a result.

There can’t be a treat as lovely as reading a good book in the bath. But what to do if you’re reading on your eBook reader? Dropping an eBook reader into the bath could potentially cost a lot more money than dropping a paperback, and no one wants to take a bath that ends up costing as much as a new Kindle or Kobo.

But what if I told you there’s an accessory to make eBooks in the bath not only possible, but a darned good idea? TrendyDigital make waterproof covers for a variety of eReaders, allowing you to get a chilled out bath whilst reading your eBooks!

Bath time should be a chilled out, relaxing time for everyone. With these accessories you can expect it to be as wonderful as possible. Enjoy your bubbles!

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