Basic Troubleshooting Steps for Medal of Honor Lagging Issues

If you have at some point played Medal of Honor before you may have been bothered with issues regarding lagging and

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

freezing screens while in the middle of the game. This unfortunately has been part of the problems of many other users, but it is still fortunate that there are simple ways that you can do to fix the problem. In most cases, users experience an error message informing them that the game is not able to connect to the network. This may just require a bit of troubleshooting on your part, and here are some tips that you will certainly find useful the next time you encounter the same error.

First off, check the registry of your PC, as this can be one reason why you are experiencing freezing and lagging issues with Medal of Honor. As the registry fills up with unwanted file extensions and obsolete applications it tends to slow down your entire PC processes. This results in an overall slowing in the pace of the game and the performance of your PC. Make it a habit to clean your computer registry on a regular basis, especially after uninstalling software or removing any file applications and components.

You may also want to check the registry for consistency and its ability to fetch the necessary file sectors efficiently. As months pass file sectors in the registry get displaced, taking a longer time than usual for the processor to sort the data and process relevant information. Access your computer’s control panel and perform a check on the registry to determine whether it needs to be defragmented. Once defragmentation is complete you will be able to enjoy the normal pace of Medal of Honor and faster loading of data in your other applications as well. Software for registry defrag is available over the internet, and is simple enough to use.

There are cases on the other hand that your antivirus or firewall settings are the reasons why you are having issues with the game. Some antivirus programs do not properly recognize applications and may mark them as a potential threat. Firewalls on the other hand may prevent you from connecting to the network properly, therefore making the game really hard to load and play. Be reminded though that disabling your antivirus and firewall settings can leave your computer vulnerable to spyware, malware, and viruses, so caution is advised. The next time you experience these issues with Medal of Honor go back to these three diagnostic steps to resolve the problem. 

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