Barry’s Boot camp comes to UK, but will us Brits be able to keep up?


It has been dubbed ‘the best workout in the world’, and has celebrity fans such as Katie Holmes, Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Biel, and Jake Gyllenhaal singing its praises. But now that Barry’s Bootcamp has arrived in the UK, will us Brits be able to stomach the gruelling workouts?

A brand new studio dedicated to the Hollywood favourite workout regime has opened in London, where the exercises are supposed to burn off 1000 calories a session. The studio houses special Woodway treadmills, apparently the same gear used by US Navy Seals, and sessions last for a full 60 minutes, in which you exercise for short, sharp intervals, without resting very much. The idea of the workouts is that you are pushing your body to its very limit, then giving it just the minimum time to recover, before doing it all again, and again.


And there’s no chance of getting bored, as each day focuses on a different area of the body, and the exercises are also mixed up. There are instructors there to help you, whether it be adjusting your posture, or simply encouraging you to keep going. The lights in the studio are dimmed to just a red glow to create somewhat of a party atmosphere, and funky dance beats are provided through a super sound system whilst the instructors shout out encouragement as you exercise.


Barry’s Bootcamp was created by Barry Jay, who launched the first bootcamp back in 1998, and he now has eight studios across America, one in Norway and two more studios planned for Boston and Miami. Frequent visitors to the bootcamp comment on the friendly community atmosphere as one of the reasons they keep coming back, along with the gruelling workouts and positive encouragement from all the trainers.

Founder - Barry Jay

Founder – Barry Jay

And it is thanks to two brothers – Sandy and James Macaskill that Barry’s Bootcamp has finally made it across the pond, as they say they were blown away by their experiences at the bootcamps while they were in America.

Sandy said: ‘The response from first-timers has been so overwhelming. It is completely new concept for the UK so we were anxious to see how people responded, but what with the music and red lighting and the group camaraderie, you can still get through it at your own pace no matter how fit you are – I think people have been inspired by that.’

Trainers: Martin George, Noah Nieman, Carmela Mondello, Oliver Truelove and Derek DeGrazio

Trainers: Martin George, Noah Nieman, Carmela Mondello, Oliver Truelove and Derek DeGrazio

‘We have only been open a couple of weeks, but we are already busy, everyone has a great energy, and I can already feel that a community is forming around the shared experience. And we’re seeing results – one client told us that she lost five pounds in one week.’

Sandy said: ‘We have had some really positive feedback from experienced bootcampers from L.A. and New York who have been taking classes for years. Living up to their expectations is naturally incredibly important for us.’ And if you needed any more celebrity endorsements, apparently Dancing on Ice judge Ashley Roberts and Baywatch legend David Hasselhoff have been making enquiries.

If you want more information, visit their website barrysbootcamp.com. Prices start from £20 per session and you can make a reservation up to 7 days beforehand.

Barry’s Bootcamp London is situated at:

16 Upper Woburn Place, London, WC1H 0AF

The entrance is on 163 Euston Rd, NW1 2BH

Phone: +44 (0) 207 387 7001


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