baKblade: The DIY Back Shaver that allows men to shave their own backs


Wives of men who have hairy backs will know that time of the month when their husbands turn to them and ask for a furry favour. If you are one of the few women who don’t mind a hairy back, then you need to read no further. But for those who hate the chore of shaving their partner’s backs, this device could save your marriage.

The baKblade 2.0 is the brainchild of Chicago-based entrepreneur Matt Dryfhout, and consists of a long-handled device with specialist razors that allow men to reach parts of their backs otherwise unreachable.

Dryfhout says about his product, ‘Isn’t it about time you put the “man” back in manscaping?’.

The product is currently being funded on Kickstarter and has become so popular that is has smashed its target of $50,000 by reaching $229,000.

The product is being dubbed ‘The ultimate DIY back and body shaver’ and features uniquely patented razor blades that have been designed to minimise nips and cuts and provide a smooth shave.

0fea36bf7da439fa44821c58cda25d1d_originalBefore the introduction of the baKblade, men had to resort to either getting their wives or partners to shave their backs. Other options included visits to beauty salons and having a waxing treatment or even laser hair removal.

Not only has the baKblade fared well on the Kickstarter page but it has gone viral on various social media sites. With the tagline, ‘Don’t be an ape, shave your own back,’ men are embracing the device in their thousands.

Customer feedback so far has been very positive:

‘This thing works awesome! And you can get replacement blades!,’ one poster added.

So much so that nearly 5,000 have backed the device on Kickstarter. This amazing start has meant that the baKblade is officially launching on Saturday August 27 on the company’s website.


The device features an ‘S-shaped handle that has been ergonomically designed to reach all parts of the back. The blades have been specifically created to provide a painless shave and customer feedback suggests that the baKblade feels more like a ‘backscratcher’.

Hair that grows on the back of men is typically finer than that on the face for example. Facial hair is much coarser and requires different kinds of blades. The difference with the baKblade is that men can use it for either dry or wet shaving and no shaving cream is required.


The patented blades have been specifically designed to shave in a lighter fashion and glide over the body. This gives less friction between the skin and the razor’s edge and means there is no stubble left behind. The surface is smooth and lasts for longer. Changing blades is super easy, you simply slide out the old ones and pop in a new pair.

And the baKblade hasn’t just been a hit with men and their hairy backs, even women have found a unique way to use the device. Many pregnant women have been sharing their stories about how the product is great for getting to the hard-to-reach areas of their lags when their tummies are big.

‘Perfect for pregnant ladies trying to shave their legs!,’ one woman posted on Facebook.


Other shared how they managed to shave their backs before the device came along:

‘I had to tape a razor to a freakin’ [sic] wooden spoon before.’

The baKblade costs $34.95 with replacement blades at $12.95 and is available from the following outlets:

Drugstore.com, walmart.com, amazon.com

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