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Large leather bag flaunted by Jessica Simpson

Large leather bag flaunted by Jessica Simpson

Bag is a most essential part of woman’s accessory. A bag is not just a piece of accessory, it is functional as well. Bags make a great fashion accessory. We do not just have a couple of bags, we have dozens of them. Women are particularly fetish about bags and shoes. They can have as many bags as they get. If we spot a bag shop, we will stop at it. Its more like, we can’t pass the mirror without looking at it, so is with bag shops, we can’t pass without dropping in them.

I love bags; I can not resist myself from buying a bag. If I find any bag that I feel worth treasuring, I buy it. I don’t just care how many I already have in my wardrobe.

I know many people who share the same craziness for bags as I do. My cousin is equally or more crazy about bags. Few years ago when we sat re-arranging her wardrobe, we had to make space for at least fifty different kinds of bags. She had them then and now it’s still counting. I wonder how many she is having right now, I must find out.

Fashion has taken a turn from small bags to medium and from medium size to large. Today you will not spot anyone with a small bag, A large bag is in today and it’s a must buy. Not just anyone can carry a large bag. A large-sized bag is not only a fashion accessory it is highly functional as well. We girls always need so much to dumb in our bag, imagine getting in all those in a small bag? Impossible, large size bags have come to our rescue.

Large sized bag works wonders with casual clothes. A summer dress, large hat, glares, and a smart big bag will make you look like Julia Roberts from Notting hill. Large sized bags can be carried with denims, shorts, hot pants paring with tank tops, strapless, or a halter or simply a nit shirt. A large bag looks fabulous with beach wear. Team it with large glares, hat, flip-flops, and sarong, it will get you all the eyes on the beach.

A large bag can also be sported in semi formal wear. Large bags can be used in shopping; you can always store jewelry in your bag to keep it safe after shopping. A large bag is perfect for picnics and any other casual outings.

Team your bags according to your clothes and you will look stunning and gorgeous. Large sized bags can be shoulder bags or hand carry. Shoulder bags are more preferable as they keep your hands free and they complement your outfit. Hand carry bags are good only when you don’t intend to dump it with lot of stuff. Shoulder bags add volume to lean figure. If you are the skinny types, very large-sized bag may look shabby on you. But if you want to sport a shabby look, then these bags are for you. These bags give a casual look. They can be carried with a lot of easy. These bags can be heavy or light weighted. You have to choose what type is best for you. Light weighted bags are preferable as the stuff you will carry in them will add weight to the bag.

Since large size bags have a good capacity, it can be very functional. It can be used to carry loads of thinks. A women’s bag can have world in it. So a large-sized bag is idle for every woman. We can dump in every thing, our cosmetics, wallet, credit bills and anything while we shop. A large bag is much more than just a bag.

Ed Hardy, Castello, Celine, Chloe, Fendi, Fossil, Givenchy, Gucci, Nine West and Valentino have good bags. They can give you smart large bags. The best thing about branded bags is their unique style. They suit your style and they look gorgeous. We must own them.

Large sized bags do not suit every one. Some one who is very short in height should give a large bag a pass. Tall lean figured people can flaunt a large bag without a second thought. A large bag compliments the tall and lean figure. Large sized bags are so into fashion that everyone should own few of them. You haven’t got one yet, get it. And if you have it already, then what you are waiting for, just flaunt it and get ready to shop for more!

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