Bag a Bargain on amazing new style Auction Site QuiBids

It used to be a fact that if you wanted to grab yourself a bargain, there was only one auction site that fitted the bill, and that was eBay. But now, with sellers facing increasingly higher fees, from not only the auction site themselves, but also from their preferred payment brand Paypal, many people are finding it quite tricky to get that great deal these days.


Which leaves a gap in the market for a new style of auction site, one that changes the way you bid, and only offers brand new well-known high-end items.

QuiBids are selling great products that range from the latest Apple releases, including iPads, iPhones, iPods and Macbook Pros, other well-known products include Canon, Dyson, Amazon Kindle, Sony, Xbox and many more.


Recent sales items include an Apple iPad 2 64GB 3G which sold for £51.22, an Amazon Kindle Fire which sold for £22.89, an Apple MacBook Pro 15” Core i7 2.2 GHz which went for £75.60 and Dyson D25 Multi- Floor Vacuum for £27.17.

Seems too good to be true right? So what’s the catch? Are these goods reconditioned? Have they been returned by customers for some reason or other? Or are they shop display models?

Well, according to the website, all the products are brand new and factory sealed, and are sourced from stores that have overstocked, warehouse closures, warehouse stock and manufacturer stock.


So now that we know the products are authentic and genuine, how does the site differ from eBay and other auction sites?

Well, the way QuiBids works is that everytime you make a bid you pay 60 cents (or equivalent) to the site, and by doing this, you add an extra 10 seconds onto the bidding time. The amount the site collects from all the allotted bids allows the auction company to sell the product at a massively reduced price.

So whereas on eBay, you can bid as many times as you like and there is a set time in which the bidding ends, on QuiBids, you actually have to work out how much bidding money you are prepared to spend for the product you want to win, and you have to use tactics when it comes to placing your bid, to ensure that yours is the last one placed. As once the clock has run out on a product, you are the eventual winner and get the chance to buy that item at whatever the bid amount is set at.


CEO Matt Beckham thinks he has a winning formula, and says that the site is rapidly growing, with millions of new customers: “This is a new type of shopping that appeals to a mass audience. Consumers expect more when they shop these days and QuiBids offers that.”

Obviously, you have to take into account the amount you have spent on purchasing the bids, but typically winners are still saving around 75%.

But what if you don’t win? You’ve paid out all that money in bids, and now have to come away with nothing? Not so. There is a Buy Now option, where you can purchase the product at the listed price, but minus the value of the bids they placed. So if you were thinking of buying a particular item anyway, taking part in the auction means that you won’t actually lose any money.

We think it is the next best thing since the start-up of eBay. Visit QuiBids website at quibids.com

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