Back to School: Shopping for Your Kids

It’s almost time for your little loves to get back to school and/or nursery. That means it’s time to get their stuff together and make sure they’re ready to go. Do you know what you need to check up on?

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First of all, school shoes. Check them carefully for wear and tear! If you find that you do need to replace them, make sure you buy some old-fashioned polish and give them a good scrub (first use one brush to rub the polish onto the shoes, then use a second brush to rub it in). This will not only make them look shiny and beautiful but also help to waterproof them; invaluable in this wintry weather. If you feel you need to provide your child with Wellies to get to school and back, make sure these are correctly sized, too, and see about buying a waterproof bag for the Wellies to be stored in during the daytime when your child is at school.

School uniforms are next; check all polos, jumpers and trousers for signs of wear and replace or repair them as appropriate. Are they still big enough? Children can have growth spurts in unexpected ways, and what fit all right two weeks ago may not do now. Littlewoods sell five-packs of polo shirts for children in a variety of colours and may be a good choice in terms of saving money; obviously any major supermarket in your area will carry a selection as well! You may want to buy in advance, too, to avoid having to buy more at the beginning of the next school year, when every relevant shop will be sold out for weeks at a time!

The school bag can be a worry too; make sure it has no holes in it and that your child is happy to carry it. Check it for a good fit and adjust any straps accordingly, and make sure that it has your child’s name in or on it. For that matter, sew or iron name labels into all of your child’s school apparel! This will help you locate any lost items. The PE kit needs checking, as well; you want to make sure that it still fits all right. Often, children forget to tell you when something in their PE kit no longer fits, and you don’t see them whilst wearing it so you may not notice it yourself.

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Finally, have a good long look at the dinner kit, if your child takes packed lunches to school. A good bag or case which will keep contents cool is a good plan, but be sure the design on the bag is not one your child has outgrown as this can be quite traumatic for some children. ASDA sell a fun range of dinner boxes that allow you to use a variety of compartments and is great for school dinners; you can separate sandwiches from yoghurts and fruit, or even include pasta salads and similar foodstuffs.

Getting ready to send your kids back to school is a great idea – do it now and relax into the rest of their school holidays!

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