Baby walkers have made their foray into the market

A baby walker is a very popular tool to assist infants to walk on their own. As a baby grows he discovers the exciting world around. There comes a stage when even the most mundane things of his home attract him and this quest urges him to reach out to those objects. Obviously they are unaware of the fact that their nascent limbs are still not prepared to take the onus of their body and any baby attempting that may incur severe injury to himself and a heart ache to his parents. The best way to prevent this is to provide a baby walker to him with which he can move from one place to another at his own will. Babies across the world love them as it makes them mobile and they are able to get to things that would otherwise be out of reach.

Parents love them because they feel it will keep their infants safe. Baby walkers are generally designed for a toddler between 5 and 15 months. There are several types of baby walkers but the most popular ones are those which have a hard plastic base mounted on wheels and a soft fabric seat with leg holes that allow the baby to stroll along the floor. The seat is set at a height that allows the baby’s feet to touch the floor. Some pediatricians feel that using a baby walker endorses walking and exercise among babies.

However contrary to the popular belief baby walkers do not teach the toddlers to walk earlier than usual.  In fact, most surveys have revealed that if there is any effect on walking, it is a delay of a month or so. This can be attributed to the fact that babies learn to walk in part by watching and understanding how their feet and legs move. When they are on a walker they cannot see what is happening to their lower part of the body and hence does not get the information they need about their motor development. Modern day child specialists opine that these devices eventually retard normal motor and mental development of the child. Safety is also an issue while using baby walkers.

Every year millions of babies are injured and according to most studies a considerable number of these accidents are caused by baby walkers. Walkers give the parents a false notion that their babies are mobile and they leave them alone to steer on their own.  According to some experts working parents basically use these devices as a proxy for their own supervision. Baby walkers allow the little kids to reach forbidden areas and get burnt or poisoned or may get drowned by falling into a pool or bathtub and these incidents prove to be fatal in most of the cases. Canada became the first country to ban the use of baby walkers in 2004. Medical experts have said that baby walkers have lessened child related injuries.

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