Baby Showers: Follow these simple ideas

Baby Shower Ballon - It's a Girl

What do Victoria Beckham, Pink and Jennifer Lopez have in common? They’ve all had baby showers. Originating in the States and not that common over here, they are however, starting to become a real trend.  Baby showers are a great way of treating mums-to-be to a party, which are designed to pamper them and provide a good excuse for giving suitable presents before the birth. So, what do you need to know about throwing your expecting friend a baby shower? Follow these simple rules and you’ll probably be asked to become the Godmother!


You can hold a baby shower anywhere from a town hall to a hotel room. Pink had hers at home whilst Jennifer Lopez opted for a roof top hotel. The best place to have one in my opinion is at a friend’s house. This means your mum-to-be does not have to bother with any clearing up and you can organise it in your own time.


Deciding on a theme is a good idea if you know the sex of the baby, for instance you can have all pink balloons if it is going to be a girl. Eva Longoria chose an English Tea Party for her best chum Victoria Beckham’s shower but anything baby related is good. How about Winnie the Pooh or Toy Story if it is a boy?


Don’t just stick to buying presents for the baby, remember that mums need pampering too. A warm night-gown or cosy slippers for when they are up at dawn feeding the baby is a lovely touch, or even a personalised gift for when the baby is older perhaps. Find out what the expectant parents have already bought and see if there is anything they need.


Nothing too strenuous of course but some games are always at hit at showers. Have a baby name guessing contest if the mum has already thought up the moniker and you do not know what it is, or, suggest names if she has not decided yet. Bring a large note-book and fill it in with useful hints and tips for first time mothers.


Little nibbles and bites are the best way to go with a party of this kind. Ask guests to bring a certain item so it is not left to one person to do all the catering or, best still, get a company to do it for you. And drinks, keep it non alcoholic, as the mum will not be drinking it’s not fair if all her friends end up legless. A pitcher of refreshing juices and spring water in the middle of the table with all the food means you won’t be getting up and down to replenish glasses every two seconds.

Lastly, remember, it’s the mum-to-be’s last special day to be made to feel special and be pampered before the baby arrives so make it a day to remember. Take lots of photos of her and her bump with you and her friends and make up an album for her to cherish after the birth.

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