Baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower gift ideas!

Motherhood is one of the most important stages of a woman’s life and baby shower is a kind of celebration of this phase of a woman’s life. A baby shower is a traditional ceremony which is basically a way to celebrate the birth of a child. This celebration is usually done just a few days before a baby’s birth or just after a few days of its birth. Baby showers are celebrated by various communities throughout the world, though in different ways.

A baby shower is one of a ritual followed by deep sentiments and wishes. To express wishes and sentiments, gifts are an ideal way. Many of us may not know what kind of gifts are to be chosen for such occasions. For this, you could just log onto www.babyshower101.com.

Baby shower is an expression of your affection towards the new mom or the would-be mom and her child. Here is a list of few gift ideas for a baby shower celebration.

If the baby is yet to be born, you could gift something to the expectant mother like a soft silk, nightgown which would help her in her last days of pregnancy. You could also gift books on parenting and child care or even books on days of pregnancy. These will surely serve her guide to her new role. Also you have choices of gifting baby wallpapers, baby names book, and a book on ideas for decorating the room for the coming baby. Likewise, when you are invited to a shower after the baby’s birth you still have a lot of choices. You could choose baby products like the diapers, soft towels, sweaters and caps, etc for a shower celebration. Today, one can easily pick a basket of baby needs from the markets and gift it for the occasion. Moreover, you could gift simple stuff like a baby clock, a baby photo frame, baby photo albums, night lights, a wall hanging or even a pair of clothes for the little one. If you are looking out for something bigger, you could choose a cradle, a walker or a small rocker’s chair.

Much more unique and lovable ideas of gifts for a baby shower could be the handmade gifts. No idea of such gifts? To get few, just click here at www.handmade-adelaide-baby.com.

Handmade stuff, to list a few could be small and soft pillows for the cradle of the baby, a hand-knit sweater, toys made of fur with eyes and nose made of buttons, a chime by clotitng up different small toys etc.  Some of the top listed self-made gifts by woman at a baby shower are:

A baby car seat: This is one of the ideal gifts any mother could have at a baby shower. A baby car seat will tag up a “safe travel” of your baby during her first journeys.

A baby maid service: If you are a really close one of the celebrating family, you could gift a baby maid service. All you have to do is arranged for a maid to look after the little one and the mother after the delivery.

A collage of photographs: you could make up a collage of pictures of the family, the pictures of the birth of the baby, etc and present this as a memorable gift for the occasion.

A bouquet of baby socks: You can make a bouquet using baby socks, forming them up like the roses and present it during the baby shower. This will look attractive as well as the socks will be a usage for the baby.

Creative blocks for baby play: You can make colorful blocks with alphabets,pictures etc for thebaby.

A gift basket which is an assortment of several little things is quite popular and something that I would personally recommend. You can stock this gift basket with personalized gifts too like a baby blanket, personalized baby album and other such things that will make up as pieces of memorabilia too. Diaper cakes are also a great option. While the choices of baby shower gifts could be many, the point remains that anything and everything, when it comes to babies, is needed by the new parents. So, whatever you choose will be appreciated!

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