Baby gates have become quite popular these days

Once your toddler can fairly balance on all the fours he is all set for action and invariably trouble. One of the very first steps in child proofing your home is to install a baby gate. It is a shielding barricade intended to prevent young children from accessing areas of a home which are not exactly baby safe like the stairways and fire places. These are easy on the pocket safety guards that can keep your little angel from falling down a staircase or wandering into forbidden areas of the home. Once your little one has discovered the thrilling world around him there will be no stopping him therefore you as a parent should do him a great favor and just buy baby gates so that he can hone his exploratory instincts freely and he is still safe from danger. It also helps prevent the children from reaching out to pets. Moreover, they also prevent them from reaching out to important documents that may be lie scattered on a table, electrical wirings which are exposed, electronic devices like TV, computer etc.

There are three basic types of baby gates namely pressure and hardware mounted and individually standing baby gates. Pressure mounted gates are quite popular as they are portable and require no tools for installation. They are also on the cheaper side. But as they are only pressure mounted with no hardwares holding them in place it takes very little to knock one of these this out from their position. It can even come loose by your toddler’s puerile activities and hence should never be used at the top of a stair case. The hardware mounted gates are fairly suitable for any place as they are fastened by screws to the door or the walls. They come in varieties of colors and sizes and can even be mounted at different angles or at irregular openings. Though these gates are a bit difficult to install but they are the safest bet as far as your child’s safety is concerned. Individually standing baby gates are free-standing gates which are best suitable for outdoor activities. There also some modified versions of baby gates as well that available in the market. One such is the hands free gate which does impeccable justification to its name.

Any parent whose hands are pre occupied with other necessities can open this gate by simply pressing on the pedal and then shoving the knee plate with a knee. A push in the opposite direction closes the gate. This gate is wittingly designed as easy-to-open for an adult yet difficult for children. They are made of polyester which allows you to close the gates by pulling the polyester screen up across the gate’s opening. The screen can be withdrawn to become a roller that will make it more convenient during storage or travel. However even the best baby gates cannot guarantee 100 % protection so constant parental supervision is prescribed.

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