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A multipurpose baby crib for your baby's nursery

A multipurpose baby crib for your baby’s nursery

There are many things which are on the list of your infant’s essential ‘good baby care’ items; baby crib for sure is one of them.The key purpose of a crib is to provide maximum safety for a baby while he/she is asleep. Every mother wishes to provide this feeling of safety and warmth to her baby, which she has been providing since the baby was in her womb; confined and protected with utmost care.

While buying a crib a parent in general should look forward to a list of must have’s in a crib, though the primary focus of a crib is to provide safety for a child,there are other factors which are to be considered in selecting the right kind of crib from a huge variety of baby cribs available at www.nextag.com, to mention a few there are standard cribs, Bassinets, convertible cribs, canopy cribs, round cribs, multipurpose cribs, fancy camping cribs,the most popular ‘portable cribs’ and so on.

Baby crib with net

Baby crib with net

These kinds of cribs are designed to address a specific requirement of different parental needs, for instance, one parent may like to have a handy portable crib which makes it easier for them to carry their baby in a safe manner, another parent may want to go for a non-portable roomy crib to provide their fast growing toddler with a little space to move in while they are awake and yet be safe and confined within, some parents consider a crib as a part of the baby furniture and would like to unify different baby furniture into one, like a multipurpose crib, which has a changing tray on top of it, has wheels on its foot to make it movable like a stroller, some attached toys, a lullaby player to put the baby to sleep etc.

After deciding a particular kind of crib for your baby the following significant factors should be consider while buying it:

  • The crib should have a smooth surface and a well cushioned interior body. The linen and comforters should be soft and non-itchy to make the baby feel nice and cuddly for a longer relaxing sleep, which helps in a healthy growth rate of a baby.
  • It should not have any sharp or protruded edges. Make sure there are no hard, poky features, or any fixed toys or décor on the inside of the crib, to avoid nasty bump in’s.
  • The dimensions of the crib should be of appropriate width, length and height (including the barrier height). It should neither be too cozy/compact nor too spacious. The baby should feel safe and comfortable in the crib not strangled in a small one or lost in a huge crib.
  • It should be easy to clean, preferably should have washable padding and cushioning to avoid microbial growth or allergy causing germs. This being one of the reasons why it is highly recommended not to buy a used crib.
  • If going for a portable crib, then make sure it is not wobbly or could turn over if the baby plays or moves inside it. Ensure it is accident proof by checking all safety measures of the crib, proper locking system if it has sliding rails or wheels on it, has proper holding for any overhead toys or lullaby players/iPod holders etc.
  • As part of the widely accepted sustainable drive, many manufacturers are opting for greener paints, adhesives, polishes and fabrics. Looking for such mention of green manufacturing process on the crib’s specifications will be a promise that your precious baby is not exposed to harmful fabrics, paints or adhesives used in the manufacturing of the cribs.

A trial for the baby is also highly recommended in most cases, just like the way you wear a pair of jeans or a dress to see if it is comfortable or acceptable for you before buying it. Place your baby in the crib you wish to buy and notice if he/she likes being in there or feels uneasy the moment you place him/her in the crib. This cannot be noticed with every child, some don’t like being in an alien location and some are adaptive or are clear with their reaction to a new toy, bed or a crib. It is an exercise to observe which crib is being accepted by your baby out of the ones selected by the parent. Make sure you consider the above mentioned guidelines before you buy a crib for your baby.

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