Baby bath-time necessities

baby bath time

baby bath time

Parenting brings with it several pleasures however, what also comes along are major responsibilities. Your little one is dependent on you in entirety. From the basics such as food to sleep – a little infant will demand your care and concern every moment of his existence. Of all the things that you do for your baby, giving him a bath is probably something that will give you jitters. Particularly if you are a new mom of an infant, bath time is often scary as you are sceptical of hurting your baby. Then there are risks associated with water that cannot be eliminated. While you cannot completely skip giving your baby a bath because of your inherent fears, the best that you can do is gear up the right way with the right bath time necessities so that you give your baby a safe and a clean bath.

To start with, it is extremely important that you ensure your little one’s safety while bathing. To ensure that your baby is safe, you will always need a bath seat. A bath seat or a bath tub is perhaps the basic bath tool for your infant. As a matter of fact, a good bath seat is an essential when it comes to bathing your baby. For infants, an infant bath tub is ideal. However, for slightly grown up babies, you may opt for a bath seat. These bath seats and bath tubs give the right amount of security and comfort to the child. And since your baby is comfortably seated at one place, you can conveniently bathe him without much difficulty. Bath seats and bath tubs protect your baby from fall-offs and drowning. Hence, you will be at peace while you give your baby a nice, relaxing bath. You may opt for a bath chair for your toddlers. Whether you prefer to use a bath tub or a bath seat, it is important that you consider the safety, size, style and other important features before making your purchase. There are various materials that are used to make these bath time necessaries. You must pick one that you find the most convenient to use and maintain.

The next thing that is of major importance is having the right toiletries. Your baby’s skin is very delicate so you should always use soaps and shampoos that are very mild and contain no skin irritants. Baby soaps and baby shampoos are specially designed for your baby’s delicate skin so you should always use them. Johnsons baby products are trusted the world over for being mild and pampering your child the best way.

Baby bath towels are again an important thing that you will need while bathing your baby. Hooded towels are the best that your baby can have. They keep your baby warm and cozy after the bath until you dress him up. The baby bath towels should be soft on your little one’s skin so that he feels comfortable in them.

Kids enjoy bathing the most when they are engaged in play. To keep your child occupied and to let him have fun, you can invest in some bath toys. Every baby will love to see colourful little toys floating around while he is enjoying his bath. You can choose from the several options available and pick something that your baby will love the most. However, one thing that you should ensure is that the toys are free from any choking hazards and are safe for bath time play.

With all the things in place, you will need to exercise some caution to ensure your child is safe in the bathroom. Here are a few things that you will have to bear in mind:

  • Always check the temperature of the water. It should be neither too cold nor too hot.
  • Never leave your baby unattended in the bathroom.
  • Check for a non-slippery, even place to keep the bath seat so that it doesn’t trip off.

Bath time is probably the most enjoyable of times for the baby as well as you. You can even make this time great bonding time. Bathing will not just keep your little one clean and hygienic; it will also give him some fun quality time with you. So make the most of it by having the right bath gear at your disposal.



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