Aveeno lotion – a non greasy moisturizer

With the winters coming, the skin tends to become really dry. The moisture is very easily lost due to the dry weather and thus the skin appears pale and untidy. The glow disappears and cracks start to show slight cracks. To get rid of these one needs to keep their skin moisturized and hydrated. For keeping the skin hydrated 1.5 liters of water is enough per day but for the moisturizing part a lotion is absolutely essentially. Lotions work better than creams, since they are less messy and more easily absorbed by the skin. For this purpose the Aveeno lotion is the best. The rough and the flaky quality of the skin during the cooler months can be tackled with the daily use of this product from Aveeno.

A little more about Aveeno Lotion

This new product from Aveeno is the perfect blend of science and nature. This is a lotion used for nourishing purposes and gives best results when used daily. It consists of a colloidal solution of oatmeal and some rich minerals. What we really need during the winter months is way to retain the moisture within the skin layers. The ingredients in the Aveeno lotion precisely do that. It helps us to preserve the moisture in the skin. It also makes the skin smooth and supple and silky to touch- a touch one won’t forget for ages. The skin shines and looks good and healthy too! It can be used for all skin types oily to combination to sensitive. It is especially suited for the last one. Water helps in keeping the skin moisturized. What the natural oatmeal of the lotion does that is creates a kind of guard on the skin which stops the water of the skin from escaping and thus the skin remains hydrated and moisturized. The lotion retains it effects throughout the day. May it be the dry winds or the dry weather, the Aveeno lotion simply does not allow the moisture of the skin to escape. The lotion is also effective when it comes to treating itchy skin.

A few good things about Aveeno Lotion

The best part about the Aveeno Lotion is that it is not at all greasy. After applying it the formula of the lotion gets easily and instantaneously absorbed by the skin. The skin does not look oily all day and one can step out to face the dry weather with a fresh and glowing skin. The other best point about the lotion is that it works for sensitive skin. There are a lesser number of products in the market which effectively work for sensitive skins. Since the lotion is not scented it works very well for this skin type since the fragrant oils in other lotions can sometimes cause irritation in case of a sensitive skin. The lotion is very gentle and thus can be used regularly without any negative effects. The last but not the least good point about the product is that it is pretty affordable.

For the perfect looking and healthy skin during the dry months, stick to Aveeno Lotion.

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