Autumn Warmers

Autumn has come and with it, colder weather. Luckily, it’s entirely possible to dispel some of the chill with warming autumn food. Why not consider altering your family’s diet and letting it keep them toasty throughout the day?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When it comes to colder weather, you’d do well to ensure you pay special attention to having a healthy, filling and warming breakfast as it will keep you going all day long and set you up to go out there into the cold. While this could obviously mean bacon butties and fried eggs, you can also look closer to home; how about warm oatmeal? You can buy packets that take only a few minutes’ time to cook; you add some milk and stick them in the microwave, and before you know it you have a bowl of oatmeal in a variety of flavours. Alternatively, if your kids are unwilling to shift focus away from their Coco Pops and Sugar Puffs, you can heat the milk and pour warm milk over their ‘cold’ cereal. Not only will this help to warm them up, it will also create a whole new cereal experience for them to enjoy – and the resulting warm milk containing honey or chocolate flavouring is lovely for them to drink, too.

Lunch can be quite tricky, and with younger children going to school you may have to resign yourself to being unable to make sure they have a hot meal in the middle of the day. However, you could easily switch your kids to school dinners for the duration of the colder weather if you feel they’ll need the mid-day boost. For adults, however, a thermos full of hot soup could be fabulous. Make sure you bring along some crusty, buttered bread and you’ll have food to look forward to. Cup-a-Soup packets make for a reasonable alternative, although they are better suited to snack-time, and stews, curries or even spaghetti Bolognese make for thermos-flasks staples to keep one warm.

Conversely, you can afford to let the evening meal be sandwich-based if everyone is getting a hot meal at dinner time. Make sure everybody is ready to snuggle up in the living room. Keep some blankets to hand, hidden in a drawer or spread across the sofa during the day; at night you can all snuggle up and watch the television, read, and spend time together as a family. The warmth you can create and maintain in your home renders a hot evening meal unnecessary if you’d prefer not to eat hot food with every meal. Some hot chocolate milk, however, could be the perfect way to cap off a cosy autumn day. Enjoy!

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