8 of the Best Autumn Scented Candles that evoke the best of the season

For some people, autumn evokes the smell of bonfires, fallen leaves, ripe fruit and a sense of the world slowing down. For others, it is a grim reminder that winter is coming. However, no matter what you think of this time of year, autumn scented candles can bring the best of the season indoors.

Here are our recommendations for the best autumn scented candles:

Pumpkin Pie – Large Three Wick Candle, 14oz: £14.95

Autumn scented Candles

Burn time – 75 hours

Creamy pumpkin and mixed spices finishing off with a lovely vanilla base, what is more autumnal than this? Made using soy for a cleaner burn.

Jo Malone London Intense Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Home Scented Candle, 200g: £58.00

Autumn scented Candles

Burn time – 45 hours

The warming spice of ginger is matched with the woody scent of dark amber which evokes the changing seasons.

Miller Harris L’Art de Fumage Candle, 185g: £45.00

Autumn scented Candles

Burn time – 40 hours

This autumn candle is evocative of the cool calm smell you get in churches. A spiced incense with a smoky base note that fills your house.

Fig & Blackberry Leaf Candle, 250g: £25

Autumn scented Candles

Burn time – 50 hours

Nothing sums up autumn like blackberry picking in the fields. This autumn candle features juicy blackberries and luscious figs with autumn flowers.

Feu de Bois / Wood Fire Candle, 70g: £47.00

Autumn scented Candles

Burn time – 36 hours

For some people, autumn is all about the smell of bonfires. This candle is reminiscent of a woody smoke from a hearth fire.

P.F. Candle Co. 7.2oz Soy Candle – Apple Picking: £22.00

Autumn scented Candles

Burn time: 40-50 hours

This is what autumn is all about – rich, plump and ripe apples with a hint of spice. Bring back childhood memories of scrumping your neighbour’s apples. Made from soy in a reusable glass jar and cruelty-free.

Morris & Co. Glorious Fig Scented Candle, 675g: £26.00

Autumn scented Candles

Burn time – Up to 50 hours

Relax with the distinctive plummy fragrance of figs and a base of warming Tonka bean and sandalwood.

Olivia Blake Wild Pumpkin & Nutmeg Fragranced Candle with Lid, 150g: £18.00

Autumn scented CandlesThis is a lovely warming and spicy mix of pumpkin and nutmeg and cinnamon. The base note includes apple and vanilla.



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