Autumn Holiday Ideas (Part 1)

Take some time to unwind and forget about the stress at work or at home. You need to “recharge your batteries” after working too hard. Perhaps the best season to enjoy a nice trip would be autumn; if you are not a summer lover and don’t like having to walk your way through hordes of tourists wherever you go, a autumn holiday is just what you need.

The wonderful weather and beautiful landscapes will definitely make you feel energized and there’s another factor you should consider: the period that goes from September to November is considered “Low Season”, which means that your holiday package will cost less than it did until a few weeks ago. Hence, grab your diary and start planning your itinerary for your trip this autumn. Bask in the glorious feeling of the tranquil ambience that goes with this season. Here are some of the great destinations that you might want to include in your list of places to visit.


Asia is starting to be appreciated by many, not only for its flavours and breathtaking sceneries, but also for the kindness of its people. If Asia sounds appealing to you, then you should definitely visit one of the most exotic places in the world – China. During autumn, you will feel awed by the picturesque scenery, and the cool weather in this lovely country. Moreover, you will have a wonderful time experiencing traditional activities and festivities in China. The Moon Festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival happens every September. This features a street parade, dragon and lion dance and dice games. The said festival commemorates the 2000-year old commemoration of the prayers and sacrifices of the emperors as they plead the moon for good harvest.


According to many, the best time to visit Spain is autumn, as that is when the weather is not too hot and you can live like a local for a few days. Andalucia, according to tranquility-seekers, is one of the most beautiful places in the whole country. Even during autumn, the temperature in this part of Spain is still quite warm, which is a little below 30 degrees. You can have a wonderful time at the beach, or you can enjoy climbing the hills to visit some of the parks that dot this region. For a great hike, check out Sierra de Aracena, one of the parks in Andalucia. Delight on the groves of huge chestnut trees, lovely villages and the spirited market towns. These are only a few of the many other places you can visit during autumn. Pack your suitcase and head off to a truly relaxing trip that you will never forget.

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