Audiowood: Custom Built Turntables from Nature


Black plastic is now a thing of the past and recycling doesn’t get any more beautiful than these custom built turntables from Audiowood. Featuring recently in several high profile magazines, the small design company from California has set the high end hi-fi world talking with their gorgeous crafted tables. Using natural cherry, maple and redwood, you can choose from listed items such as the ‘Barky’ or the ‘Chipmunk’, or contact them directly and ask them what you want. So how did this innovative company come about? Well, Audiowood was founded in the small town of Oakland, California by owner Joel Scilley. Joe’s background is basically in renovation carpentry but he does have experience in art, design, and architecture.

Not content with this world-changing development, Audiowood forged ahead with the wooden iPhone Nest, made a highly strategic move to rural Florida, and is now producing a wide range of sustainably-sourced, domestically-produced gadgets, gizmos, and nick-nacks. The emphasis is always on perfect function and funky form. Audiowood is an authorized retailer for great, value-oriented gear from Audio-engine, Cable Research Labs, Edensound, Rega, and Origin Live and Teres accessories.


You can buy Audiowood products at www.etsy.com or www.broodr.com and Audiowood turntables are typically priced between £550 and £850, depending upon parts quality and design. We have featured two of their iconic designs – the ‘Barky’ which is a precision turntable that features a high-quality Rega parts kit, glass platter, RB301 arm and Rega Bias cartridge. The solid ash round is finished with polyurethane and paste wax, and has adjustable solid-brass spike feet. The ‘Chipmunk’ turntable features a Music Hall Audio tonearm, steel platter, and Tracker cartridge. It is constructed of solid ash with a polyurethane and paste wax finish with vibration dampening feet.

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