Michelle Phan Launches Her Own Makeup Line

She is the YouTube sensation that has a over four million subscribers, 750 million hits, 1,412,548 Facebook likes, 417,038 Twitter followers and is famous for posting make-up tutorials. And now, Michelle Phan has delighted her fans by releasing a make-up range, backed by none other than L’Oreal.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Michelle Phan, John Manno

PHOTO: Courtesy of Michelle Phan, John Manno

Phan started posting her video tutorials back in 2006, and was one of the first people to use a voice over narration as she was being videoed.

Phan’s technique was not only to give beauty and make-up tutorials, but also to provide advice and reviews about beauty products. In fact, her opinions were so well regarded that Lancôme asked her to become their official video make-up artist, when she had reviewed some of their products in her videos.

Life Palette - $75

Life Palette – $75

After Buzzfeed featured several of her tutorials, in particular, her Lady Gaga make-up looks, she became a household name, launching FAWN, a YouTube MCN (multi-channel network) in 2012.

Phan’s videos proved to be so popular that she soon enlisted celebrity help as special guest hosts, including Nelly Furtado, Dita Von Teese, Coco Rocha, and Victoria’s Secret Angels.

It seems a natural progression for Phan to now create her own make-up collection, and with the help of beauty giants L’Oreal, that’s exactly what she’s done. Called EM Michelle Phan, interested people need to sign up to the site and become a member in order to be able to purchase items. The site is a combination of a commercial shopping site and a social media site, where members can see special tutorials, visit forums and discuss what is trending.

Life Palette: DAY/LOVE/PARTY

Life Palette: DAY/LOVE/PARTY

Em is apparently a term of endearment in Vietnam, and her collection includes a whopping 250 products! And Phan asked her followers for all their beauty gripes and recommendations, which included favourite eye colours, bugbears about make-up and even propositions about the names of the colour shades.



The collection is a completely comprehensive make-up range, that includes some great little touches that only a real make-up professional would think of. There is a screen that seals the loose powder so it does not spill out, the cheek palette includes both the blush and bronzing colours, and there is a ‘de-potting’ tool included in the eye-shadow palettes, which enables you to add and remove colors as you want to.

There is also what is called the ‘Life Palette’, which is a 36-shade kit that you can actually refill (genius!) that comes with 24 eye shadows, four blushes, and eight lip colors. The kits are available in six different colour combinations; day, night, party looks, love, work, and the beach. The Life Palette comes with an empty travel kit so that you can pick and choose which colours you want to take with you.

Michelle Phan

What we really love about the website is that there are products listed in groups for the occasion, including work, a date, a special occasion or a night out, and there is also a special grouping for skin tone, so you can add in your preferences and put whether you have a dark, medium or fair skin, and the ideal products will automatically pop up.

Phan is keen to point out her commitment to the range: “Like I’ve said before, this is a huge dream of mine that has been two years in the making. And the coolest part? It’s completely inspired by YOU!”

She is also understandably excited about the debut of her new store EM, which is due to open its doors in October in New York.

If you can’t get to NYC, however, you’ll be pleased to know that you buy EM Cosmetics by visiting the website at emcosmetics.com.

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