Asus Transformer: Combining Power, Design and Convenience

Asus Transformer

Asus Transformer

If there is one tablet in the market that offers the most convenience around, it will be the Asus Transformer.  It combines the different features that a dynamic lifestyle needs.  It is the epitome of design, utility and convenience in one sleek tablet.  The design and specification of the Transformer will forever change the way the market sees tablets, notebooks and laptops.

The Asus Transformer is an Android tablet that has a keyboard dock.  This allows access to a QWERTY keyboard, a convenience that most tablets don’t have.  It also boosts the connectivity of the Transformer and makes the battery life longer.  When not connected to the keyboard, it looks like any other tablet.  It has been compared to the iPad because of the similar appearance: black, sleek and metallic.  It weighs only 680 grams, making it easy for anyone to hold it from any position.  The design is minimal, with textures at the back to improve grip.  Although there are still some things to be desired in the overall appearance, it is still a big improvement from the previous models made of plastic and lacking in class from other brands.

The Transformer is loaded with office solution software for easy editing of various files like documents, spreadsheets and presentations.  The one year unlimited storage space at Asus WebStorage that comes with every unit makes it a worry-free tablet.  The Asus Transformer also comes with two USB ports and a built-in SD memory card reader for easy sharing of different files.  It can also be connected to a HDTV and surround system to give you a unique entertainment experience.  With the WiFi, dual cameras and GPS, this is an all-around tablet that you can bring to the office for work, to your home for entertainment and practically anywhere for anything that you may need from a computer or laptop.

With technological advances, companies have come up with different products as solutions to our problems. We are witnesses to how gadgets can change from one phase to the next and be a different item altogether.  With different features being discovered and added to each new product, we may have a hard time keeping up with the changes.  Finding the right tablet may be difficult but we only have to look at a few things to know what is best for us.  With the best combination of design, convenience features and price, the Asus Transformer may be one of the greatest inventions in tablet history yet.

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