Asda launch the ‘Twosie’ in time for Valentine’s Day

It was the shock must-have fashion outfit of 2012, and featured on many people’s Christmas wish lists, I’m talking of course about the ‘onesie’, but now Asda have gone one better and launched the ‘Twosie’, a garment which two people can cuddle up in.

George at Asda Twosie - Jumping Becky Briggs

Canny Asda, who were one of the first supermarket stores to realise the potential selling power of the onesie, ordering in several hundreds of thousands in the run up to Christmas, are the first to design this new outfit, and it’s comes just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The Twosie consists of 10 metres of fabric, features four arms, two hoods and has a cute bunny design on the back. It does not have any legs, but is more of a cape design, which allows the wearers a little more freedom than the traditional onesie would do.

George at Asda Twosie - Love Bunnies  Becky Briggs 020 3003 6302

Asda think that it might just turn out to be the ideal gift, with austerity measures appearing to be hitting the most romantic day of the year, as in surveys, a whopping 92 per cent of couples said that they were planning a simple night in to celebrate, rather than go out for a candle-lit meal.

And as this survey also revealed that two thirds of ladies would rather receive a small novelty gift, instead of an expensive or elaborate gesture, this could be a winner for Asda.

George at Asda Twosie - forward  Becky Briggs 020 3003 6302

It is thought that the creative boffins behind the onesies at Asda were so impressed with the generated sales, that they created the twosie as a limited edition. Problem is, is you want one, they have only produced 100, so you might be unlucky. However, I’m sure that is the twosie takes off, they’ll certainly make some more.

Sources at Asda say that in the weeks before Christmas, they sold over a staggering one million onesies, and even had to open a dedicated onesie store to keep up with demand.

One Direction wearing onesies

One Direction: Copyright Splash

The onesie has quite a celebrity following, which is probably why it has been such a massive hit in stores. Pop sensation One Direction have all been spotted wearing onesies, as has Cheryl Cole, model Cara Delvigne and singer Miley Cyrus.

Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director commented: “The onesie was a phenomenon that swept the nation in 2012. Demand from customers for more onesie innovation was through the roof and what a perfect way to move on but with the ‘Twosie.’ We expect it to be an instant sell out and 100 lucky couples will be able to get their hands on Twosie from today for that special day.’

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