Wonderfit Jeans that fit up to three dress sizes have already SOLD OUT

Who would have thought that a supermarket would be at the forefront of cutting edge fashion, let alone lead the way in innovative design in the jeans industry. But George at Asda is that supermarket. Famous for its low prices each week, the supermarket is now gaining a reputation for problem solving in the trouser department, and I’m not talking saucy shenanigans.

George launches the Wonderfit Jean - the magical jean where one size fits all

Those clever development designers at George have come up with a pair of jeans that expand upto three sizes. Called the Wonderfit Jeans, they are being touted as the most coveted item of clothing in a women’s wardrobe.

Women’s weight can fluctuate in a month, as water retention can be a problem, a couple of takeaways can increase the size of the stomach, and before you know it, those comfortable jeans that you love to wear become an item of torture. Most women know that awful feeling of the waistband cutting in and creating the 21st century phenomena – the ‘muffin top’.

George have called these jeans Wonderfit Jeans because they not only fit upto three sizes, but also slim down and lengthen your legs at the same same. Costing a very reasonable £18, the jeans come in dark blue and black, and are set to be yet another one of Asda’s best selling items of clothing.

They come in three sizes: size small will fit a size 8, a size 10 and a size 12 woman, while medium will fit a size 14, 16 and 18 and large will fit a size 20, 22 & 24. They way they work is that they have used a denim with a compact weave and a high elastane content that is ultra stretchy. This means that the denim manages to retain its shape, whether it is worn on the smaller figure or a larger one.

Old style jeans that won't fit within a Month

In a statement Asda said: “Like a second skin the jeans ensure comfort and fit whilst the specialised fabric ensures they keep their shape, springing back to the smallest size once washed.”

And George Brand Director Fiona Lambert, said: “We’re well-known for our innovation at George, and the latest problem solving denim technology – the Wonderfit Jean- offers a solution to many women across the nation whose weight tends to fluctuate regularly. We’ve all had days where we struggle to button up our favourite pair of jeans after over indulgence and likewise days where our favourite jeans are a little looser following weight loss. With the Wonderfit, gaining or losing a few pounds will make no difference, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit every day.”

In recent years, Asda have also launched the great Bum and Tum Jeans, which put a stop to the dreaded muffin top effect.

George at Asda’s Wonderfit Jeans are available in black or indigo and in sizes small (fitting dress sizes 8, 10 & 12), medium (fitting dress sizes 14, 16 & 18) and large (fitting dress sizes 20, 22 & 24)

Wonderfit Jeans are available in store and on George.com for £18 from today. They have proved to be so popular however that they have already sold out, but will be restocked on Friday.

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