Deadline for £64 million Euro Lottery tonight!

Today is the final day in which you can claim the massive Euro Millions jackpot of £64 and despite a campaign by Camelot, which has included posters at news outlets and television advertising, the mystery ticket holder has still not come forward.

The EuroMillions jackpot of £63,837,543.60 is the highest ever prize to remain unclaimed and if someone does not come forward by 23.00 GMT today (Wednesday December 5) then all the money will go into the National Lottery Good Causes fund.

The winning numbers were 5, 11, 22, 34 and 40 – and the Lucky Star numbers were 9 and 11. The ticket was one of two winning tickets from the 8 June draw. The owner of the other ticket, from Belgium, has already come forward and claimed their share.

The EuroMillions ticket for the 8 June draw was bought in the Stevenage and Hitchin area of Hertfordshire.

Shila Sachania, who runs a newsagents in Stevenage, said that everyone is talking about the winning jackpot ticket: “People have been hunting high and low, searching in their cars and vans,” she said.

“We had a customer, a lady customer you know, who she asked a friend or somebody, just to help her look in the house… and she said I’ll give you some money for it.”

Anyone who believes they have the winning ticket for any of the draws within the 180-day deadline should call the National Lottery Line on 0845 910 0000.

The National Lottery has been searching for the lucky holder through adverts and posters in the Stevenage area, and even used a town crier proclaiming the win from a Lamborghini.

Anyone who played the EuroMillions for June 8 is being urged to check their tickets and look in unusual places if they think they may have lost the ticket.

Camelot say that some top spots for leaving tickets include down the back of the sofa, in a car sun visor and more unusually inside a tin of cat treats. The number one spot was in a bin bag that was about to be collected, according to anecdotal evidence from the National Lottery.

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