Are you sure you have the original Fendi?

The real Fendi

The real Fendi

Fendi is a very popular brand in accessories. Like it is said,bigger the names better the price. Fendi is an expensive brand. It is designed for the elite class. If you are fashion forward and you are head over heels in love with high end brands, then you must own Fendi accessories. Fendi wallets are smart and hip, they have enough space and they look stylish.

Growing era of fashion

In this growing era of fashion and style, everyone wants to look good and carry smart accessories. High end brands are not every ones pie. High end brands like Fendi & Cartier can’t be afforded by all. It is made for the elite group and not for the masses. A common man can’t afford a Fendi bag. A bag ranging somewhere from 300$- 1000$ and above, can’t be for every ones. Bags and wallets from Fendi are expensive.

Fendi Market

So now the market has taken an alternative. Some have started manufacturing fake accessories. Today the market is flooded with fake product. It’s a money making industry, so many people are attracted towards it, its easy money.  You can find all the brands in this, from Prada to Gucci and anything. Every design and pattern from these designer bags is faked. It is so difficult to identify a true branded from the fake ones. You can always find fake wallets, bags, belts, glares, etc. the market is full of fake products.

Where to buy genuine Fendi Bags

Now where to buy genuine Fendi Bags is a question. Buying online is a risk, as you can never be sure by just seeing the picture. You might be shown the original Fendi wallet picture, but you are delivered a fake one. So what I feel is buying branded bags online is not advisable. Unless and until the website you are buying from is official. If you are keen on buying online make sure you visit official- authentic website of these brands. If you don’t, then chances are that you will be cheated.

If you have love for the traditional way of shopping, by picking a wallet or bag for yourself personally then it’s the best. You can always drop into a high end store. These stores assure the best quality and genuine brands. There is no chance that you will end up with a fake bag or wallet. Never visit a local shop looking for a Fendi or any other brand. You might find these bags there, but chances of these wallets being fake are high. Official outlets of Fendi are the best to shop from. They will deliver the best and the most recent style. But before buying you should know the difference between a real and fake Fendi.

It is so difficult to differentiate from the fake ones. If you wish to own a real Fendi bag them you should keep in mind certain things.

  • The Biggest criterion is the price – If it’s very expensive it’s Fendi. But if you shop for a Fendi wallet and proudly declare it that you got it for less, then what you have in your hand might be a fake one. These bags are expensive as they are made from high quality material and by very skilled artists. The leather or cloth is of high quality.
  • If you find any loose stitching or seam, it is not an original Fendi for sure. The seams are fine and even in an original Fendi Wallet.
  • If the logo is stamped, it’s not Fendi. Original Fendi will have its logo engraved. While going more deep, lining must be observed. The cloth should not be rough. A real Fendi has satin lining. The straps of genuine Fendi are not thin or hollow. Straps are well stitched and have a leather core.
  • Fendi wallets or bags always have authentication code that matches the card. Do watch for it before buying. The card will also have an embossed logo on it.
  • Many fake bags and wallets have similar logos but, on closer examination the difference will be obvious between the real and the fake one.
  • On most of the Fendi wallets 2 ‘F’s are printed. One will be straight and the other upside down. The real Fendi wallet will have all the ‘F’s even.

Fake bags will be made and the supply will never seize. It’s on you to identify a genuine Fendi wallet, before you loose you heart and money to it. Avoid Fendi Knock-offs & be smart and shop smartly.

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