Are You Scrapping Your Car Illegally?

I recently had to scrap my old car and to be honest, getting the most amount of money was my main concern. But it wasn’t until a friend pointed out that I should really check out the firms I was potentially going to use, as some of them did not look as if they were legal. And now that the Government are also warning drivers to be vigilant in who they choose to dispose of their cars, I really started to worry that I might be seeing my old Golf being driven up a B road somewhere near my home, when it should have been crushed!

The problem is that, you could pay a scrap metal merchant who say they will legally dispose of your old car, but unless they are licensed to do so, they can’t. All scrap yards have to be licensed and in order to scrap and de-pollute cars, scrap metal dealers need to hold an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) licence issued by the governing Environment Agency. However, the Agency are reporting that a number of scrap metal dealers are falsely claiming to have a licence and their adverts are incorrectly displaying an Environment Agency logo and sometimes the DVLA logo. They are acting illegally by doing this. They then go ahead and either scrap the car or keep it on the road and sell it on.

So how can you tell if the scrap metal dealer you choose is a legal one? Typically they will have a landline and a mobile number on a website and they should always post up an address so that you can correspond with them in several different ways. Many of these illegal operators only display a mobile number, which makes it almost impossible for you and the authorities to contact or take action against them. A bonafide operator will tell you that you’ll need a Certificate of Destruction and they will issue one to you. Without a CoD, there is no guarantee that the vehicle has been de-polluted, scrapped and removed from the DVLA database. This could mean that any time in the future, you could see the vehicle reappear on the road, subjecting the registered keeper to possible enforcement action, including parking fines.

If you need to scrap your car, make sure you are doing it safely and legally by contacting one of the Legitimate Authorised Treatment Facilities. The Environment Agencies of England & Wales, Norther Ireland and Scotland have published lists of Authorised Treatment Facilities, which you can view below, just click on the links. And always make sure you obtain a Certificate of Destruction.

Environment Agency England & Wales, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency

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