Are you losing your hair?

Male hair loss is one of the most common types. Mainly caused by increased sensitivity to male hormones, hair loss is generally passed from generation to generation.

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Hair Loss

In the past, a bald man was previously seen as someone who was old, or stressed, and also as someone quite unattractive. However, today many reasons for male hair loss have surfaced, making the problem a lot clearer to understand.

Certain parts of a mans head are more sensitive to male hormones than others, and as a result, hair in the sensitive areas become thinner. It therefore starts to fall out, with the more serious the problem, the less likely it is that the hair will ever grow back, resulting in baldness.

Hair loss is most common in men between the ages of 20 to 30 years old. Hair loss first starts to show by developing a receding hairline in either just one or both sides of the head. After time, hair thins and then the different areas become one, creating a large bald area.

Depending on how you feel about being bald is how you should go about choosing what treatment you want to go for, if any at all. For some men, the fact that they’re bald doesn’t matter to them, but on the other hand some will be really affected by it, with their confidence taking a battering.

A quick solution is to shave all your hair off and be completely bald, which gets around the issue of bald patches. Alternatively, there are medical treatments available, although it must be remembered that baldness is not a disease and is a natural occurrence. A medication that can be used, called Minoxidil lotion, should be applied twice daily to the scalp, helping to strengthen hair that remains. Another medicated treatment is Finasteride, which is in a tablet form, working to stops the effects of male hormones. Researchers have suggested that this tablet stops future hair loss, too, with a monthly supply costing around £30.

A more extreme treatment for hair loss is plastic surgery, such as a hair transplant, like Wayne Rooney recently had. As seen from Wayne Rooney, the effects are good, as a receding hairline is corrected, but the procedure is quite extreme for something that it simply a natural occurrence. Scalp reduction is another treatment in the form of plastic surgery, where the bald patches on the scalp are reduced. However, this is again quite an extreme type of treatment.

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