Are Magazine Subscriptions a Good Idea?

Despite the fact that magazine subscriptions offer a savings on price per issue, not many people take out subscriptions at all, opting instead to pay full price at the register of their nearby newsagent’s. For whatever reason, it is not a popular option. But is there a reason for this, or are most people simply missing out?

One reason why people often don’t take out subscriptions is because they don’t buy every single issue of the magazine. If this is the case for you, then calculate how many issues you buy per subscription period. Even if you don’t buy them all you may find you would still make a saving with a subscription – and if not buying each issue is a result of financial trouble this could also allow you to receive the issues you can normally not afford.

The convenience of a subscription is also that you tend to receive your issues before they come out into shops, delivered handily through your letter slot. This cuts out a need to go to the shop to buy your magazine, which will reduce the likelihood of your spending extra money you shouldn’t while you’re out there.

If the magazine in question is a work-related magazine, then having each issue slightly before it comes out in shops could provide you with added opportunities. Furthermore, as a freelancer you could well find it to be tax-deductible. Or, as an employee, pitch it to your boss as a necessity and you may well find the company picking up the subscription

bill on your behalf to help you perform well at your job!

Finally, subscriptions can come with free gifts that may well be precisely the sort of thing you would otherwise spend money on, and sometimes you can make a huge saving if you take out two subscriptions at a time which may be really useful in the long run. If this is the case you could be set to save money. Don’t forget to run the numbers and ensure you’re making the right decision.

Magazines are a good way to relax, but often you may find they help you further your career or gain insights into your chosen industry. Don’t be put off by the higher cost of a subscription; you generally save money and gain convenience as well as time. So what are you waiting for?

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