Are HDTVs Worth the Money Yet?

My husband is very principled when it comes to newfangled technology. After owning a Blackberry back when it was still a

loose conglomerate of hideous bugs and annoying errors, he developed a policy about new tech; he lets them iron out the bugs, and then he’ll get one. So yeah, he has an iPhone – an iPhone 4, recently acquired now that they’ve been confirmed as wonderful pieces of kit. He got an Xbox (from me, for his birthday) after the main issues had been ironed out. He just doesn’t buy stuff when it first comes out.

But we do have a HDTV, and we use it. And we like it just fine. But was it worth the extra money?

For us, the decision to buy a HDTV was easily made. We needed a new telly because the old one had a red line and a green line running vertically across the screen. We’d limped it around for a few years, actually, but it was getting ludicrous and we started shopping around when we stumbled across a deal. We got a 32” Sony Bravia for less than half its usual price. Who could say no to that, right?

The difference between HD and non-HD is immediately apparent. The sharpness, crispness, and a subtle sense of three-dimensionality are gorgeous. You can really enjoy whatever programme you’re watching, and there is a sense of really being a part of it that you simply can’t get from non-HD channels. That said, like colour TV and flatscreens before it, HD quickly fades into the background and becomes no less commonplace than shoe polish. The majority of the time, nowadays, I don’t even notice it at all. And relatively few channels have a HD counterpart, on which not every show will be in HD at all.

My advice? Unless you come across an amazing deal on a HDTV that you simply can’t resist, don’t bother yet. Give it some more time to become more commonplace and wait for the price to come down and the number of HD channels to go up. You’ll save money and enjoy it more.

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