Are credit cards from international lenders worth considering?

International lender

I am absolutely positive that anyone over the age of sixteen has heard of a credit card. You get a card that comes with a set limit, you pay for stuff, and then you pay off the bill about a month later. Likewise, most people are naturally most familiar with their local credit lender affiliates. But as the world slowly becomes smaller and smaller due to technology and globalisation, we have begun to see international credit lenders make their mark on the credit card industry. But the key question here is: are these international credit cards even worth looking twice at?

I know what a lot of you are thinking. You’re sceptical about an international credit card, and with good reason.


For starters, the company is not based in your home country, so that might make payments and communication a tad bit difficult. But, I can assure you that you should at least look into international credit cards. They may sound a little risky at first, but it can’t hurt to look at all of the benefits that you could potentially reap from these cards.


The three big international credit lender companies are Citibank, which is based in the US, Virgin Money which is based in England, and HSBC which is also currently based in England. Each of these internationally known credit lender companies offer a large variety of credit cards, ranging from cards with low rates to cards with rewards programs.

In fact, switching to an international lender may get you a better deal than your current lender company is offering. Since international lenders are fairly new onto the scene, they need to be able to attract customers from their local banks. And they do this by offering you better credit card incentives. One prime example of this ploy is Citibank. Let’s say that you are currently paying an interest rate of around 15% with your current credit card company. This rate is actually comparatively low, but Citibank offers new customers who wish to transfer their debt to Citibank, an offer of only 1.9% APR for the first six months. With a deal that tempting, it’s no wonder that Citibank is effectively stealing credit card customers from around the world.

Virgin Money

So before you fill out that credit card application that you got in the mail from your local lender, considering looking into a credit card from an international lender instead.

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