Are Cleaning Services worth Your Hard-earned Money?

Cleaning services can seem like a huge extravagance to someone who has the time, the energy and the patience to keep his or her house immaculately clean. But even the rest of us, chastised by a societal idea that cleanliness is godliness, can think of it as an unnecessary indulgence. Find out, then, if cleaning services may be a good idea for you.

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The thing to think about first is how much free time you have. And when you do so, don’t simply count all the time you needn’t spend at work, dealing with your children, cooking or shopping as free time. Given a week during which you have 168 hours, of which you spend roughly 40 working (leaving 128) and 56 sleeping (leaving 72), two shopping (70), 4 showering and performing various ablutions such as brushing teeth (66), ten commuting to work and back (56) and 10 eating breakfast and dinner (46), you don’t then have forty-six hours to yourself. First of all, I am measuring pretty conservatively there – as you do, in these estimations. Secondly, I am not accounting for the time you spend cooking your food and taking care of your children (let’s say three hours on a weekday and more like seven on a weekend, leaving you at 19 hours left over), or putting that shopping away. I’m not accounting for time spent performing DIY or performing work-related tasks that need to be done at home, nor am I accounting for time spent doing laundry.

More importantly, however, I am not accounting for necessary downtime. It is immensely important to your mental health and mine (and, let’s be honest, everyone’s) to get some time during which your mind can relax and let go of its day-to-day stressors. If you find yourself constantly striving for that downtime but never achieving it, then it may very well be worth it to hire a cleaner or cleaning service to do the more in-depth cleaning work while you swap out that time for time spent, say, soaking in a tub whilst reading a book, watching films or spending time on a favoured hobby. While it may not make direct financial sense, it may well be worth spending that money in order to preserve and maintain your sanity and happiness.

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On the other hand, a deep-cleaning service such as a carpet-steaming service may be a good idea for sporadic use. If you hire a service like that once or twice each year, you could very well feel the benefit despite the fact that it only comes around periodically. This is an excellent option should you feel perfectly capable of keeping your house adequately clean but be in need of an occasional ‘top-up’ during which everything is truly and completely dealt with. Again, it may be worth it looking into the cost of hiring the relevant equipment instead, but investing in your own mental and emotional well-being is no bad thing!

So there you have it. Remember to account for your own need for relaxation when calculating the cost versus the benefit of hiring a cleaning service, be it on a regular or a sporadic basis. You’ll be glad you did!

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