Are Chocolates Really Healthy?

Chocolates to add sweetness to your life!

Chocolates to add sweetness to your life!

Do you feel annoyed each time someone stops you from taking a bite into your chocolate bar? Well I answer yes I do to this question. Though dentists have warned us not to eat many chocolates as it spoils the teeth and cause various other diseases, I don’t stop munching on chocolates. With the risks associated with eating chocolates, many people avoid eating chocolates in order to keep themselves healthy.

With these risks associated with chocolate intake, the chocolate makers have developed ORGANIC CHOCOLATES to attract their customers. Organic foods are the food items that are produced without using synthetic inputs or chemical food additives. It is a widespread consideration these days that organic food is much safer for consumption than food that is grown conventionally. Though organic food is available at slightly higher prices, it is still widely preferred by most people over the conventional food products. Organic chocolate means that the chocolates are prepared with high quality organic ingredients.

These ingredients are grown free of chemicals and chemical residues and there is no risk of pesticides too. Though there is no scientific proof, most people think eliminating the harmful chemicals and pesticides can promote healthy growth and development. This is a healthy sign for the health conscious people!

The organic chocolates are supposed to be beneficial for the heart and also known in controlling the blood sugar levels. However, this doesn’t mean that you eat chocolates all throughout the day! You must always eat it in the right quantity as too much of anything isn’t healthy and safe. The main source of organic chocolate is dark chocolate along with additives such as sweeteners, berry powders, vitamins, minerals, omegas, probiotics etc. to name a few. It is supposed to be diabetic friendly because of the natural sweetener from AGAVE.

It comes from a cactus-like plant and is considered to be very safe. It also maintains the blood sugar levels and helps promote the cardiovascular health. Its composition is such that it has low levels of glucose as compared to the levels of fructose, hence good for maintaining the blood sugar. However, there are various side-effects associated with high quantities of fructose intake too. It may cause various health problems ranging from mineral depletion, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and miscarriages in pregnant women etc. to name a few complications. Fructose is also known to interfere with the copper metabolism which inhibits the connective tissues COLLAGEN and ELASTIN from being formed.

This may lead to bone fragility, anemia, defects of arteries and bones, infertility, heart attacks, high cholesterol levels etc. Since the hormones INSULIN and LEPTIN play a major role in regulating the food we eat and the body weight, it can lead to increased appetite and weight gain too. This is because the appetite regulation is disturbed. However, dark chocolate, the major constituent of organic chocolate is known to have various health benefits. Dark chocolate can protect the brain from clots being formed, preventing free radical damage etc. Cocoa, a major constituent of chocolate is known to possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It also has appetite suppressing properties hence helping in weight loss to some extent. Most of the common health ailments can be prevented or at least improved with a healthy diet.

A poor diet can have an injurious and adverse impact on the health of an individual, causing various kinds of deficiency diseases. Natural chemicals found in chocolates include XANTHINE, THEOBROMINE, PHENYLAMINE etc which have their own causes and effects. However, they are present in such small amounts in chocolates that it might not impact your health to a marked extent.  

Although many grocery stores as well as online organic food stores offer sales and discounts, the cost of organic food products is still heavy on the pocket. The cost is higher than the traditional food products because of the extra steps that are taken to ensure that all foods are organic including the certification. In general, it is preferable to intake the organic chocolates to the normal chocolate bars. In general, a bit of chocolate is good and healthy. Chocolates and candies usually have a lot of sugars and fats which can add to the extra calorie intake which you don’t require. So the quantity of chocolates you intake can be a vital factor determining your health!    

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