The Five Best Apps for Men

Men love gadgets; it’s a scientific fact. And what they like more than gadgets are things that make their devices work even better. So if your dad, partner, brother, lover or mate has an iPhone or iPad, it is very likely that he will already have downloaded a few apps to go with it. Well, what is a smartphone if it doesn’t have some amazing apps to enhance the experience? If you know a guy who loves his smartphone then point him in this direction and tell him about these great apps. He’ll thank you for it!

Star Walk

If you know a guy who loves a little star-gazing then this is the ideal app for him. The Star Walk app will take your favourite male on a journey to see billions and billions of stars, and all from his smartphone or iPad. All he has to do is swipe or touch his smartphone to let him see the stars, the Milky Way, the universe close up or far away. This app also lets the user travel through time to see the creation of the Universe and into the future. It is simply breath-taking! Get it here at Vito Technology.


Are you a golfing widow who would like to see a bit more of your partner? Even if it means his head is glued to his smartphone? Well any respecting male who loves spending time on the green will adore this app, and you might be able to prise them away from the real thing! This app will keep track of your score and your stats, it makes a note of which club is used and what that was like for performance and it even works out handicaps. Get it at Senygma.

Madden NFL 12

If you have a football mad dad or boyfriend who cannot rest until he has watched all the games in the season, I’m sure he will love this football app as it means he can have football all year round, and not just when the season starts. You can set up your own strategy, make trades with other clubs and players and even play against another person via Bluetooth. It’s football, but not as we know it! Get it at itunes.


Fed up with getting caught out by traffic cameras, speed traps, accidents, traffic jams etc? This handy little app will give you the lowdown on all this and more as it tells you the conditions of the roads you wish to travel along, and any slow or hotspots along the way. Your man will feel much more in control when he has this app and it makes driving so much more enjoyable when you have a clear road ahead of you with no distractions or hold ups. Get it at Trapster.


If your guys motto is ‘Greed is Good’ then definitely get this app for your man. It will keep him upto date with what is happening on Wall Street and he can check share prices and even trade at the same time. This app keeps it real in real time and shows you all the important indexes from the Dow, S&P 500, Russell, gold and oil prices. It’s all there. Go to Bloomberg to get it.

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