Apprentice 2011 Finalist – Susan Ma – Launches Tropic Pure Plant Skincare

In 2005 I had a vision to create a 100% purely plant derived skin care range that is both effective and affordable which would fill a niche gap in the skin care industry. After collaborating with cosmetic chemists, traditional herbalists and microbiologists, my vision finally came to life in 2007 when I launched Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care.” – Susan Ma

Susan Ma - Launches Tropic Pure Plant SkincareYou may remember Susan Ma, the softly spoken contender for Lord Sugar’s quarter of a million business partnership prize in The Apprentice this year. Although she did not win the coveted chance to start a company with the entrepreneur, Miss Ma was determined to carry on her idea of starting up her own skin care company and now ‘Tropic Pure Plant Skincare’ is a legitimate skin care and body care brand, which specialises in 100% natural and vegan products.

Susan’s brand values the benefits of natural ingredients for our inner and outer beauty and health and is also incredibly environmentally-conscious. Indeed, this brand makes use of sustainable ingredients, combined with simple recyclable packaging and cruelty-free production methods.

Having followed Susan in the Apprentice, we now know why she has such amazing skin! Check out our favourite products from her extensive range. Bet Lord Sugar wishes he’d betted on her now!

Body Smooth | 80ml - £11.95Body Smooth | 80ml – £11.95

This 100% Natural Body Smooth contains a blend of the finest pure plant & essential oils to stimulate skin renewal while dramatically smoothing, polishing & energizing the skin. We love it because it contains natural sea minerals that gently buff away dead skin cells and Vitamin E to rejuvenate & revitalise, leaving your skin feeling unbelievably smooth & soft. Expertly blended essential oils of top notes of Lemon Myrtle, mid notes of Bergamot & base notes of White Patchouli invigorates & refreshes your senses. Great for use any where on the body that is rough or dry, and highly recommended for use on your feet!

Skin Revive | 50ml - £15.95Skin Revive | 50ml – £15.95

This Skin Revive Firming Nourishing cream is packed to bursting with vitamins, antioxidants & pure plant actives that visibly firms & intensely nourishes for instant skin radiance. Rosehip, Shea Butter & Vitamin E deeply hydrates & softens. Blueberry, Raspberry & Calendula revitalise & rejuvenate. Echinacea, Sea Kelp & Frankincense improves skin elasticity & helps to smooth fine lines. Suitable for ALL skin types except very oily skin. Use as necessary but particularly in dry or cold weather or if your hands are in and out of water all the time.

Tropic Skin Care Set - £34.95Tropic Skin Care Set – £34.95

Set Contains:

1. Smoothing Cleanser

2. Vitamin Boost Balancing Tonic

3. Skin Revive firming nourishing cream

4. 100% Organic Bamboo Cloth

5. Lip Love Balm

Send your Skin to Paradise with our 100% purely plant derived skin care set. Specially formulated to revitalise, smooth and dramatically firm, the Tropic A.B.C. Skin Care Regime promotes healthier, younger looking skin from the first use.

A.B.C. Skin Care Regime:

Abolish dirt, dead skin cells and all makeup with our refreshing Smoothing Cleanser and Organic Bamboo face cloth for deeply cleansed and purified skin.

Balance your skin pH and moisture levels with our Vitamin Boost Balancing Tonic for a brighter, more revitalised skin complexion.

Care and protect your skin with our deeply nourishing Skin Revive, packed to bursting with powerful vitamins, antioxidants, fruit and flower actives that visibly firms and intensely hydrates for instant skin radiance.

Polishing Set Deluxe - £26.95Polishing Set Deluxe – £26.95

Our Tropic Polishing set is the perfect way to smooth and revitalise your skin from head to toe. Made with 100% Natural ingredients, the Polishing set buffs away dead skin cells and deeply hydrates to reveal firmer, softer, and more looking radiant skin. We recommend giving yourself a full body and facial polish once/twice a week to stimulate skin renewal and to improve skin complexion. Use spatula to mix the oils with the salts or bring the salts up through the oils. Scoop out a desired amount using the spatula and use your hands to gently massage the polish onto dry skin around your body, hands & feet for 1 minute. Rinse off all salts in the shower or bath to leave the oils on your skin. Use the same method for the polishing mask as you would for the polishing smooth.

All products can be purchased through Susan’s website: http://www.tropicskincare.com

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