Applying Liquid Eyeliner Could Help You Change Your Look

Eyeliner has been part of the makeup arsenal for literally millennia. Since thousands and thousands of years ago, people have been known to use kohl to rim the eyes, believing it would ward off eye diseases. But it has undergone rather a few transformations over the years, and nowadays liquid eyeliner is all the rage. But how do you apply it? And is it really better than the old-fashioned eyeliner pencil?

Eyeliner comes in a wide variety of types, and liquid is only one of these. The big upside of liquid eyeliner is the fact that it is very easy to be precise with it; pencils and kohl, which are far more prone to smudging, can be a lot less precise. Obviously this means it depends on what you’re going for; a look incorporating smudging can in fact be very beautiful, as long as you know that is what your aim is and can execute it as such.

Figuring out how to apply liquid eyeliner can be a bit difficult. It can often be embarrassing to ask for help in this area, but if you can find a friend or family member who uses liquid eyeliner and ask them to show you, it can really help to get to see them do it in person. Alternatively, there are plenty of Youtube videos available which will show you precisely how to apply liquid eyeliner.

A trick many people find helpful at first is not to draw the entire line in one go. Often, you will find you get better results by drawing a broken line along your eyelid, filling in the gaps later. The idea is that you will gradually get used to getting the line right and over time you’ll be able to draw the line all at once. However, should you remain unable to draw the line in one go, drawing a broken line is still a perfectly acceptable method of applying liquid eyeliner.

Something to look out for with liquid eyeliner is that it be a homogenous mass. I say this because a lot of shops sell glittery eyeliner containing glitter pieces in the eyeliner. While this is a lovely idea and it becomes very tempting to purchase such eyeliners for the holidays or any other time when you could do with a bit more glitter, these eyeliners do not work.

They won’t give you the crisp line you’re looking for, and the glitter makes it dry in an awkward and uncomfortable way. Furthermore, should you accidentally rub your eye, you can rub the glitter particles into it which can cause a seriously uncomfortable situation – take it from someone who knows!

Should you want something glittery, consider a gel eyeliner which can have a slightly glittery element, but ensure the glitter is a gleam rather than a collection of large particles which will hurt severely if accidentally rubbed into the eye.

By purchasing a variety of brands of liquid eyeliner, you can explore different methods of application as well as a variety of colours and shades until you find the ideal combination for yourself.

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