Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone (iPhone 5)” Event is…Today!

There is always something to look forward to when it comes to technology. Whether it is a handheld device or something huge (although nowadays, great things come in small packages), everyone welcomes the arrival of the latest gadget or gizmo in town. In fact, the whole Apple community is eager to find out as much as possible about the new iPhone .

For those who have purchased the very first model of this brilliant handheld device, they must have had pleasant experience with it. However, the latest model is always a delight; everyone expects an upgraded feature and additional perks in such a gadget. The long wait for the launching of the newest iPhone is finally over. For months, tech aficionados have been buzzing about the exact release date of the iPhone 5. Some hinted it would be in September, which created great excitement among iPhone fans. However, the launch date is closer than most people think. In fact, the presentation is expected to take place on October, 4…which happens to be tomorrow!

The big event, which is being promoted as “Let’s Talk iPhone”, is bound to be flocked by the press and techies of all ages. The event will take place at Apple’s Cuppertino HQ, the home turf of Apple, at 10 am, Pacific Time. Here are some of the spectacular features that will make you fall in love with the iPhone 5:

Massive Storage Capacity

With a storage space of 64 GB, you can save loads and loads of files in the new iPhone. This feature is surely a big leap from the old models’ 16 GB and 32 GB that came out in 2009.

No Signal Issues

Signal problems will be a thing of the past, as long as you have the iPhone 5. Superb signal strength is just one of the many features that make this Smartphone unique, efficient and highly competitive.

Security Features

The iPhone 5 comes with a Face Recognition feature that prevents other people from using it. This is an outstanding feature for security purposes.

Extended Battery Life

The iPhone 5 allows you to stay connected up to 14 hours (3G) or 7 hours (4G). Not bad, huh?

Sturdy and Sleek Body

The iPhone 5 features the sleekest body you have ever seen and, of course, a fingerprint resistant display. Moreover, it features a shatter-proof and scratch-free screen for greater durability.

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