Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas App Giveaway

It’s back. Apple doesn’t very often give away anything for free, or even anything at a discount. But, the tech giant is getting into the festive spirit again this year.

Last year, tens of thousands of consumers downloaded free content from Apple’s iTunes store over the period the offer was on.

And, this Christmas, the festive giveaway is expected to be just as, if not more, popular.

With Apple products like the iPod nano, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini topping lots of people’s Christmas lists, Apple believes the 12 Days of Christmas offer will be a good way to introduce new customers to Apple products.

Those who log onto its iTunes store between December 26 and January 6 will be able to download free content such as music, films, TV shows and apps.

In a statement, Apple says: “This Christmas, we’re feeling very generous and are giving out free gifts galore. From Dec 26 until Jan 6, you and all your friends can download a free song or music video, app, TV episode or film from some of the biggest star performers on iTunes. Each download will be valid for 24 hours only.”

The smartphone giant is urging users of iPhones and iPods to sign up to daily email alerts so they can find out what’s on offer or follow the 12 Days of Christmas feeds on Facebook or Twitter.

The 12 Days of Christmas will, however, only be available in the UK and not to US customers because of licensing restrictions.

After Christmas 2011, Apple fans enjoyed gifts which included episodes of The Big Bang Theory and Mad Men along with games like Diner Dash and Fishing Kings.

The festive app works with just about any iOS device, including the iPhone 3GS, but the user has to be running iOS 5.0 or later. Those without iOS devices won’t be left out though. They can still download the free content to their computer before syncing it later when they buy an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Disgruntled US Apple users took to tech forums to voice their displeasure about being missed out. One poster wrote: “And for America, the ‘Lump of Coal’ app” and another said “No love for US customers.”

But Apple fans who can take advantage of the freebies said they were delighted by the return of the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. One user said: “I really enjoyed the gifts last year and what can you complain about with it being free? Glad it has returned.”

US availability is expected to come soon though, perhaps in time for Christmas 2013.

The latest offer comes just after Apple released a new version of iTunes, iTunes 11, which has been welcomed by reviewers for providing a simpler interface.

Robert Evatt for tulsaworld said: “Seemingly eons ago iTunes was a peppy and useful way to organise music, get it on your iPod and even listen to it if you didn’t mind hanging around your desk. But the years haven’t been kind as iTunes kept bloating up and adding more features until it became a shambling monstrosity that took an eternity to get anything done.” He added that while the new version was “a genuine improvement,” there was still “plenty of room for improvement.”

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