Apple rumoured to be developing the iWatch

pebble watchThere’s the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod. But, just in case you don’t have enough gizmos with an i at the start of their name, Apple is rumoured to be making an iWatch.

According to websites based in China, the Californian technology giant is working alongside chipmaker Intel to make a gizmo with a 1.5-inch screen that communicates with your other gadgets through Bluetooth.

Tech.163 is reporting that Intel has produced a smart watch which Apple is interested in, with the device due to go on sale in the first half of 2013.

The product is said to have an OLED screen with indium tin oxide transparent conductive (ITO) glass.

It would put Apple head-to-head with the likes of Pebble, which connects to iPhone and Android smartphones through Bluetooth, and alerts you by vibrating to let you know if you have an incoming call, text message or email. Pebble is one of the huge potential success stories made possible through the funding source Kickstarter that is due for release next year.

iwatchAnd, there’s also the recently released i’m watch, which also connects through Bluetooth, delivering notifications, music, weather forecasts and apps to your wrist.

Sony also has a Smart Watch, already on the market, which works with most Android phones. And, when Apple released the iPod Nano, a host of companies followed suit with gizmos which allowed you to wear the device on your wrist.

In fact, it was with the release of the new generation iPod, which takes the little gadget back to a rectangular shape and has a 2.5-inch touchscreen, which led to speculation that Apple was about to release an iWatch.

But Apple’s iWatch is set to go further, allowing you to use the Siri voice assistant and answer calls.

There are some, however, who doubt if Apple would go down the technological wrist wear route. Will Shanklin from gizmag.com said that making an iWatch did not tie in with Apple’s desire to keep things simple.

“From the time Steve Jobs returned in the late 90s, the company’s product line has been small and focused,” he said. “Jobs and present CEO Tim Cook have both said that Apple only enters new markets when it can do something revolutionary. Would an iWatch be revolutionary enough to justify its own existence? In 2013, that’s doubtful.”

But others believe the rumours could be true. John Koetsier at Venturebeat says: “2013 could be the year when wearable computing leaves the geek and enthusiast community. And, isn’t popularising and improving emerging technologies what Apple does best? The iWatch is just a rumour right now, but I’m hoping it’s more… much more.”

The competition in the smart watch market is certainly starting to heat up and, with Pebble due to hit the market in 2013, will continue to emerge. We’ll just have to wait and see whether Apple decides it’s a market it wants to dip its toes into. If it does, we can be sure to expect something innovative and stylish.

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