Apple confirms date “Sept 10th” for long awaited iPhone announcement

Apple inviteSpeculation about Apple’s new iPhone has been rife for months now – with rumours circulating about shapes, colours and specs.

But now Apple has finally confirmed a date for what analysts believe will be the unveiling of a brand new iPhone, or iPhones.

Invitations have been sent out to tech and news journalists asking them to attend a special event at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California – or in Berlin for media in Europe – starting at 10am on September 10th.

The tagline reads: “This should brighten everyone’s day,” and is featured along with a graphic depiction of multi-coloured dots, suggesting the iPhone will be introduced in a more vibrant, and wider, choice of colours than ever before.

Retailers are now gearing up for deliveries of the new phone, with the device expected to go on sale at the end of this month.

Courier industry insiders say bookings have been made for the 20th and 27th of September, with new stands being delivered for the new products with three slots – suggesting two new smartphones along with space for Apple’s existing device.

Or, the new displays could be used to add Apple’s much rumoured soft gold colour to its existing black and white hues.

new iphoneA report in TechCrunch suggests Apple’s new iPhone 5S is likely to be a subtle “Champagne” colour rather than “a totally blinged-out gold”.

The new colour is expected to do particularly well in the Chinese and Indian markets, where gold is popular. Once thought to be too brash, gold has regained popularity in recent years.

A lot of attention will be focused on what Apple reveals at the September 10th event, as it could be the first time the tech giant announces more than one new iPhone at the same time.

The firm is widely thought to be not only announcing a successor to the iPhone 5, dubbed the iPhone 5S, but also a lower cost version, called the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5S is expected to have a better camera, a faster processor and, possibly, fingerprint technology, whereas the iPhone 5C is expected to come in a rainbow of colours.

Apple’s first major visual overhall of its mobile OS could also be unveiled at the event, although some reports suggest it will be revealed on September 20th.

Other highlights of the press conference are expected to be new details about iTunes Radio.

It’s not thought, however, that any updates to its iPad line-up will be made at the event, as those details are expected to be made public at a later, separate announcement this autumn.

It will be hardware rather than software that everyone is tuning in to see, with the world watching to find out if Apple really does intend to increase the global reach of its smartphone devices, by extending the iPhone into markets that may previously have found the device outside of their price point.

Shoppersbase will be bringing you all the highlights of the Apple event on September 10th.

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