Apple computers are undoubtedly very beautiful

When Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak released Apple I, apple’s first computer on April fool’s Day, nobody realized the two ‘Steve’s’ would be creating a whirlpool in the consumer electronics industry in the upcoming days. Apple 1 did not look even like a distant cousin of today’s modern computer and had a single circuit mother board with some fundamental textual video chips. One amusing fact Apple I did not have a key board and the users had to add it on their own.  

Apple II was subsequently released in April, 1977. Although it had the same processor as that of its predecessor but it contained a whole new lot of features like color display, eight internal expansion slots, and a case with a keyboard though it was also available as a circuit-board only, without keyboard. The most interesting feature that kept Apple II ahead of its competitors was the introduction of the VisiCalc spreadsheet program which was very similar to today’s Microsoft Excel. It became a must buy for the corporate accountants who previously had to spend hours adding rows and columns of data. By the end of 1979 Apple had already sold 50,000 apple computers.

The ill-fated Apple Lisa was introduced in 1983 which was then flaunted as the first commercial computer with a graphical user interface. It failed miserably due to its high price and limited range of softwares. Apple Lisa was closely followed by Apple Macintosh, an endeavor of Steve Jobs himself. It quickly became palpable that Macintosh was unsatisfactory, so few months later Apple released an updated version with a 512K RAM. This boosted the Macintosh sales and it became the first commercially successful computer with a graphical user interface. Macintosh portable was introduced in 1989, a portable version of desktop Mackintosh. Though it was bulkier it was given thumbs up for being used in space without any problem.

By the beginning of 1991 apple computers had become one of the most recognized corporations in the world but it was facing stiff competition from Microsoft. Microsoft by virtue of its ability to produce cheap softwares took the cake in early nineties.  After lying quiescent for several years Apple ultimately let out its trump card with the first iMac. It was an all in one computer that every PC maker had been trying to imitate at that point of time. IMac featured a 233 MHz PowerPC 750, a maximum of 256 mb of Ram, 2 USB ports, and a built-in 56k modem. It was priced at $1,299. This version of the iMac received a minor improvement to 6 MB of VRAM standard, allowing for 24 bit color at 1024×768 and then it was replaced by a newer model in January, 1999. From there on there has been no looking back for this maverick organization.

Like all Apple products apple computers are also innovative and have different features and elements that are classy which lightens up your mood.

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